FAQ - The Journey Begins


OK, I went through them all. And my thread is not there, unless I search my name. There are a few that are left in the forum, but not finished entrees; perhaps the wrong one was removed?

edit= I added something to my thread, and now its back. I will guess it was a time thing.


i just wanted to ask… hehe… when will be the final anouncement of winners both 2d and 3d?:slight_smile:


huh, I’ve been gone from CG for a bit catching up on things (one of the reasons I couldn’t finish my entry) came back expecting to see the winner posted. Not yet eh?


Quote from December 16, 2005. Almost a month prior to the announcement. Back then…

Will you announce the announcement day this time as well?


sergage: Nope, sorry.

rasamaya: The default forum listing will hide any threads that haven’t had activity in 30 days.


Foof- I was worried for a moment, its nice to know I wasnt disqualified for not knowing all the rules, This was my first CG challenge and all. Thanks for the quick reply.


Hi Mibus,

Im wondering because I cant find my entry. Did I disqualified or something? Theres only 4 pages of entries, and mine isnt there… I searched for my nick and I found the thread, but I dont know where it is tho…


Again, am I out of the challenge already?

Thanks in advance…




AWaqas, post something in your thread and its come back! :slight_smile:


like mibus said, your thread didn’t have any activity in 30 days, so this means nobody replied in this time. Try to post a reply in your own thread and maybe u’ll see it again. After all, it’s just hidden and I don’t think you’re disqualified, cause there are still some threads visible, and those works aren’t even finished


sorry for interfering but I think Mibus has answered that


We are close to knowing the results, aren’t we?


Where have you been? The winner was announced as being Ruolf Dieske of Germany. Here’s the picture:

L-R: Leonard, Roberto, WINNER: Ruolf Dieske, (behind: ThirdEye and Leigh) With microphone: Rebecca, Michael Dashow and Simon Dominic Brewer.


Probably. I kinda know who the winners are already.



Ok, in that case I have to ask this. Since you know who the winners are, it means the judging’s over. So I suspect Mibus (or other staff member(s)) is preparing the web pages and stuff. This brings me to the conclusion that you also know when the winners are going to be announced.

Could you share that information with us? Plz! :deal:


Should be within the next seven days, so calm down :slight_smile:


Yay! My parents keep asking me about this. And my responses range from “I dunno” to “Need to eat brains! Arggh!”


woahh!! im excited to know… calmly… we hope sevendays wouldpast:bounce: … the anxiety of waiting a month or so…:scream: lolz… just to say… Congratz to the winners… heh i have my bets… :scream:


I have some simple question: when will be next challenge on CG. ??


If we stick to the way the challenges were held before, it should be sometime in September or end of August of this year.


AHAHAHAHA, that is funny!!