FAQ - The Journey Begins


There are 306 final entrys, 135 3D and 171 2D.



Just curious here about turntables. Why they aren´t in wip pages you can entered from the list of finalist? They are only within regular WIP´s, am I right? This turntable stuff was very cool additional part, even that there was many problems uploading them… :thumbsup:


I saw my name appeared in one of your posts, I wonder if there’s something wrong with my image. And I didn’t receive the confirm email, I did upload the final image before the deadline, but I uploaded twice, first without the note and the second with it. So sorry to trouble you with that but I really worried about if I get the qualification of the entry.
Waiting for your answer and good luck!~


Just to be absolutely sure:

Can I post the final composition in my gallery somewhere outside here, or to Renderosity, etc., before the judging ends?

PS. Probably the last one in the series of my stupid questions:p I don`t expect to be among the winners ( :scream: ), but loosing the contest because of some stupid mistake would be extremely annoying:D . It was too big fun for me! BTW, thx everybody :thumbsup:


I hope it’s not against the rules, cause I’ve already posted my final in R-osity. :rolleyes:

I just saw new entrants in the 3D section. What’s the point letting people enter now, if the challenge is over? :shrug:


Hi Mibus,

I had read thru previous page about the FTP upload for TIF was opened at last week?!

Frankly, i dun check into this FAQ section after the challenge submitting door was closed at the deadline day.

I just clicked in curiousity bout the discussion in here at this minutes by right now.

I am hoping i can uploading my TIF in ZIP to complete my Journey.~

Here is what happend why i couldn’t fulfill myself in this challenge. I neva tot this could happend at the very moment… aiks…As you can noticed, i tried my best to upload the Final Image. Just i couldn’t afford to upload the TIF file in GPRS rate.

I wish i could be one of the qualify entry. I did my best for this challenge.

Thx man~

p/s: In fact, i had left a msg to one of the challenge’s leader here. Too bad, i can’t typed a proper PM in my GPRS browser. And the whole process is unsmoothly to allow me contacted any MODS in the very moment at the deadline.


Thank you Mibus!



dinodog_Jr: The FTP is sometimes left open a couple of days for stragglers. Anyone who contacted me (via PM, email, or posting in this thread) was told, so they could try again. Unfortunately judging has already begun, so it’s too late to add your entry.

Everyone: Entering your work on other sites is fine.

hdhcg: You should be in fine.



Now i know dat. I just tried my luck again.
Thx for the attention.
Good luck in judging~!


Hiya Mibus and co…

Do you have any idea when the results of the challenge will be announced?

I’m sure all involved are really busy, but it would be great to know (I know someone mentioned the end of June - is this right?)

In the meantime - great challenge and looking forward to the next :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Yeah, should be end of June, possibly early July.


:slight_smile: Cheers Mibus…


Hi Mibus, someone in the previous post said that there are 135 3d final entrys and 171 2d. Did someone announce who made to the final? or those numbers are just unoffical? If the number of final entry is correct, is there a way to find out who made to the finals without check the entire entry list?


Thank you Mibus for the answer about the annoucement!
It will be hard to wait!:slight_smile:


I said that, but I’m not an official :), I just entered here: http://features.cgsociety.org/challenge/journey_begins/entries.php
and counting them



Hello!..the wating is killing me…the winners when will be anounced?:bounce:


just out of curiosity, how does the judging work? is there some sort of point system where the images are judged based on different categories, or are certain standout images just chosen and then compared with each other, or is there some other way that I haven’t thought of? Sorry for being nosy ^^;


Melkao -
To quote Robert from 5 posts ago:

Yeah, should be end of June, possibly early July.

Ramy -

I was curious about the same thing, and so I asked in the last Challenge. Here’s what Robert had to say:

The judges are allowed a fair bit of flex - we don’t force them to vote on any particular points, since then we could nearly pick the images ourselves. We point out the guidelines, inspiration - all stuff that’s publicly visible - and let them make up their own mind on which images they like, and which images they feel fit the theme. After that, each of the judges independantly votes on the images. If they want to collaborate that’s up to them, but AFAIK they usually don’t.

When reviewing the images they can look up the challenger info, story, threads, etc. etc.

After all that it gets smacked into a spreadsheet, tallied, we compile the challenge results page, make a feature article, write up a congratulatory thread, then let everyone know :slight_smile:


(who has not an original thought in his little head and just happens to be good at quiting Mibus. ;))



I have a concerning question?!

In the 3D forum, I can search for my thread and its there, but if I look by views or name, it seems not to be there. How long has it been like this… is there a reason? I worked very hard on my entree. Im sure its just a bug, but…

Like I said before, thanks for all the help!, Cheers.


ah im very anxious to see who won! good luck to every artist :slight_smile: