FAQ - The Journey Begins


hallo :slight_smile:

is it gonna be a thread with all those that made the deadline and are in the challenge? as in the last challenge… or is that up already and I missed it?


Hi Mibus…I’ve had my final confirmation email,but I was trying desperately before the deadline to overwrite my final image with a new one(made a cock up of the eyes of my main character)

I resubmitted several times but the image doesn’t seem to have been overwritten(other people here have said they did manage to overwrite the final image so I’m confused why my one didnt take):sad:

is there any way to resubmit the final .tiff ?



Final contestants:

Stefan: Is it possible you’re seeing a cached copy? Try doing a force-refresh. Failing that, FTP it somewhere else and I can forcefully push it to the server.


Mibus…dumping all my temp files & following the link you provided just now has fixed it,the final image looks perfect!

thank you very much for your patience :thumbsup:


thanks for the link… :bounce:


i posted my final images tiffs before the end of the contest but how come my images cant get to the ftp? i just follow instructions now, when i get access i upload my files via zip then suddenly the ft program is 100% transfer 2 ur webserver but still i check the connection its 0 object in ur webserver.?weird? and now im not in the list, awwwch! and no notification by emails?? how come,anyways if thats the story il just take a look at those wonderful pieces,luckily uploaded…good job moderators:eek:


ermm, there is a problem if my nick is -BAM- on entry and now in BAMU?:shrug:



Well, my pic’s definitely there :thumbsup:

But Looking through the gallery I’ve noticed 4 missing paintings so far (finished entries).

Skankan Srisuwan (FIDUCIOSE)

Dehong. He (hdhcg)

Charermpol Kuraiat (createmai)

Leonardo Calvillo (snowan)


Hi Mibus. I had updated my TIFF yesterday, but in the page you’ve provided it seems that the old TIFF is displayed. It’s no biggy, I had only changed contrast. Sorry for my bitching, you have already done so much for me :love:.


A quiestion…

Can i use pictures or photos to the background of my final image(moified)?:shrug:


i posted my final images tiffs before the end of the contest

If that’s the case, either the upload never worked (we don’t even have a partial upload), or you used the wrong filename. Do you know what filename you used?

BAMU: No, it’s fine.

FIDUCIOSE missed “Final Colouring”. Since they’ve submitted so many “Coloring WIP” ones, I’ve moved one to “Final Coloring”.

hdhcg: Similar deal.

createmai: No final TIFF

snowan: No final TIFF

sergage: Email me a copy of the two JPEGs and I’ll take a look on the FTP.

melkao: It’s a bit late - the challenge finished last Saturday.


I know that is a bit late…but i reaaly want ot know the answer…!:smiley:


Problem solved, no need to send you e-mail. Thanks.


hi . how was it?


melkao: You could have used them as a basis for your background. Using them as a featured part of your art would likely lead to disqualification.


Hi Mibus,

the editions I made in my final entry (title and text) in


do not appear in the challenge page at


How can I edit my text in the challenge page? Or is there any way you could do it for me?

Many thanks for your help!



fer3d: I’ve copied it over.


I hope this isn’t a dumb question, but what’s involved in the judging process? And when will the winners be announced?


Hi Mibus, me again :smiley: . I was wondering about the story thing. I’m not sure if it’s required to have it in the challenge page (together with the final milestone), but I have a story in my forum thread. I don’t know if the judges are gonna look at the thread and find the story, so I’m kinda confused about this. Do you think I’ll be fine with the story in my thread or you could copy it next to the final milestone :smiley: ?

In the judging process: everything from milestones to community interaction, to concept sketches and technical execution, ALAIK.

The results should be in in the end of June. It obviously takes a lot of time for the judges to go through not just all the entries (and there are hundreds of them) but also through the milestones and stuff. So one month is even pretty soon :slight_smile: . Good luck!


I was just curious. I kind of figured it would take awhile. Isn’t there 1000 entrants?