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Fondamental question for me: I rendered everything at 300 pixles but just now opeing in photoshop I have see that the one I sent is 72 pixels…
Now I tryed to resample at 300 pixels and is perfect because was rendered at 300 but is valid or not???
I mean they have to resample the pixels, but the image is in origin at 300…what will happend…???
I’m afraid…I didn’t check on photoshop because I knew that was at 300…ARGHHHH
Who knows something???


You’re fine. What matters is the pixel resolution, the dpi is not that important they can always resample the dpi and the quality won’t drop.


Thx for your answer, but Photoshop says that the pixels are72 not dpi…I’m not practic with this things, so I really don’t understand…
On the " image size" it says: resolution 72 pixel…BAH???


What’s your resolution in pixels? For example 3600x2700 or 2400x1800 or something like that.


3636x2657…THX for reply friend
Excuse my answer, but I’m curious: did they pay you for the image in ballistic???If yes how much?
I have no idea how this kind of things works…Seya…


That resolution is just fine, you’re fine with it, it’s exactly how the rules require. As for the dpi, if they need to print it they shouldn’t have any problems resampling the dpi, no quality or size in pixels will be lost. Dpi is only for the size on paper. Don’t mention it.


Hi all!

I think I’ve responded to you all personally now; if I’ve missed anyone then just shout :slight_smile:

We’ve had around 300 people complete the challenge; judging will probably begin late this week.

Good luck to you all!


Thanx, Robert!:smiley: :thumbsup:


Hey, I got my e-mail confirmation.

Thanks Mibus!


i submited the final tiff a week ago and now i’m worried because i didn’t receive the confirm email yet.
Mibus inform me please… Thank you


i recived email confirm for my first final submission. Later ive submitted an update of my image but i didn’t receive a new email, i suppose that it’s normal. I’m wrong?
my final entry page and his thumbnail it’s ok.


I haven’t recieved any mail :slight_smile:
Perhaps it’s because I’m not in.
I did render it pretty small :frowning:


Hi mibus i have done a mistake sending my final 3dimage on tiff format…i 've send the 2d final image instead the 3d one…what can i do…i’m confused…i’ve sending the correct one also in the finished works…but it still a jpg…
Let me know if it’s possible to find a solution…i’m so stupid i’ve just checked right now…sorry


:slight_smile: hi! can you tell me please, whan the resoults of the challenge will appear? or where can i get this information?


is this ok for now to show up our final images in cg_gallery thread?


Lithan: You’d submitted a RAR, not a ZIP. I’ve downloaded / converted / re-uploaded it for you.

notpill: That’s normal :slight_smile:

doffer: You’re in…

Jaba153: The FTP is open for the moment - hurry quickly and resubmit your 3D!

OZOZOZ: It’s planned to have the results before the end of June.

cgoz: Should be OK.


Hi Mibus, I’ve got my e-mail. Thannk you



Thanks a lot for the support.


Hi Mibus,

I’ve been waiting for the confirm mail since I’ve submitted the final image tiff on May 25 .When I checked all the WIP images ,they seems all submitted.Also on the upload final image page I can see the thumbnail of my image.But I still have no confirm mail.I still in hope because messages from CGTalk forums are stiil coming to my mail even they’re early dated.Is everything ok for me?


Hmm… kick

All better :wink: