FAQ - The Journey Begins


I’m not really sure. I named them both the same name to avoid hassle though.


Yes maybe it’s a label problem. Thank you theresa and good luck :thumbsup:.


Doffer - I don´t think that this matter ( I did call my tif with different name within spectacular challenge and everything was o.k. )

paperclip - I can see small icon in “final upload section” - looks correct, no problems. Only thing is that confirmation. Didn´t get anything from yesterday.


it doesnt matter what the tiff is called,but the zip needs to follow the name(numbers) they give you

I wish there was an edit option,I’ve since changed a detail on my final image & can’t overwrite my previous upload :frowning:


That is strange. I am sure that you can overwrite your final image as many times as you want. It might be that thumbnail is cached first time and don´t change anymore.


Stefan, you CAN overwrite your uploaded image, I’ve done it myself before, both with this challenge and one I’ve done previously. The refresh page should show the updated TIFF after you’ve FTPed it though. The thumbnail should refresh to show your newest update.

Oweron: As long as you can see that it’s been uploaded in that refresh page, you’re OK to go. That confirmation email isn’t the final say, it’s just an extra pacifier for us entrants. :stuck_out_tongue:


‘cached’…hopefully your right,I’m uploading again just in case.
will keep you posted


Just a quick comment. I couldnt render my image at quite the full resolution -i ended up only managing 2500 x 3360 -it was the most my computer could manage. Do i need to tell anyone about this?


selina, that should be OK. In the uploading rules they say if you can’t manage full res, to go as far as you can…plus, you’re not far off from the recommended size anyway.


hey, I’ve posting my turntable, the zip file wich have only 540K with al the 120 images. I did all as you sad, but when the preview of it appears only shows the first images not it all.
what’s going on??


Where is Mibus ? Only he can give me the the FINAL answer. To me, everything looks fine and the FinalImage thumbnail means that it was uploaded. The only mising piece is this e-mail confirmation. I don’t want to risk any disqualification for this. The time is ending and I need to know for sure.

Please Mibus inform me about my Final TIFF !
Thank you.


@Dorian3d: Same here!

@Guile_tc: Try using another zipper. That worked for me.


Uff, I am with doffer and dorian3d. Need to be sure.
I did read something like Mibus is out till Monday… so… I just don´t know.


Can I get a hand uploading my final image. I cant even get a connection to the CG server.


Nevermind, I just went to web2ftp.com and uploaded it there.


I still can’t upload my Turntable correctly…
I’ve zipped it with Stuffit and ZipIt… on both only the first imagens appears…
anyone has anothe sollution…?


If you want, send me your *.zip file and I will check it for you. Send it now to…


O.K. I did another upload for my final *.tif, the last one. Everything seems to be there, conection was fine, upload was stright. Still no e-mail confirmation for me. Mibus, If you will have time, please, give me a shout :slight_smile: This is “The End” for me. Good luck everybody!


Guile_tc - I created archive.zip file for you the same way I did mine. Have a look at your post box. Hope it will work…


I found the problem but can’t get over it…
it only opens the files named until img0009… the others lik img00010 and so can’t be readen…
any help is wanted!
and thanks a lot Juraj!