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My friend(irananimator… Hamed Katebi) has posted his image wrongly from my ID(living_for_cg).As we work in the same company(Bonyan Film) he used the internet computer to upload hi image but i was On with my ID in cgtalk and he just uploaded his image with my ID.:sad:
i deleted that from my production pages but cant remove it from my main challenge page which shows the work prosses above each other.
I will be so thankful if you just remove it from my page.


It’d be fun if we had a ‘Green Room’ where finished entrants could hang out and discuss each others’ work and be all anticipatory for the results!
How about it? Please? Maybe just a stickied thread in the Challenge forums? :love:


For those who have problems with ftp…try go to

Its web-based and its good if ure not the admin of the computer ure using.
Ive uploaded mine and it works! :):thumbsup:

Good luck to all!


Hi Mibus. Today I uploaded My Final Image .Tiff, a friend of mine has done it for me because he has a fast line. He says that everything has gone fine and a small preview of the image poped up after pushing the Reefresh Image button. Where can I get the exact confirmation about the Final zip submition? Can I see my tiff image enyware ?


Hi Dorian,
This is the only way I know of.
On the View Entries page click on ‘upload final image.’ Then just follow the steps and you can view your tif image. :slight_smile:


Plus, Dorian, you should get an email confirming your submission!


wrong post!


Hi Samanthie and thanks for the help. I followed your steps and in the Final Image Status section it shows a thumbnail of my upload, and when I click on it opens a biger version of my image with the name: *****_*******.zip that was given to me.

paperclip thanks, but still I did’nt recieved any e-mail confirmation for this.

Hi Mibus, is everything OK with my Final Image ? Do I have to recive any e-mail confirmation ? When ?..


Could you explaine more about this site. i tried alot to use it but couldnt.i dont know how to use it.? Before this i have downloaded a software wsftp which the cgtalk has told it.but cant work with this.
i need some detailes about how to upload through that site.please!
it shows me a little window which says if your image wont upload in less than 30 seconds try a smaller file and then it disappear and the main window start to load some thing but doesnt finish.Do i have to wait to complete it or not??
If there is any other way please let me know. i did it so simple for ballistic challenge.
If i wont upload it my 3 month work will lose:sad: Please help me.


Iran, try using a different FTP client- AceFTP3 freeware is quick to download and easy to use. TIFF files are HUGE and tend not to go in 30 seconds- mine took 45 mins to go through!


Hello, the same here. I didn´t recieved any e-mail confirmation. Is it all right? Everythings looks to be there by looking at “challenge page” and “final upload section”.

Hope, we can sleep good tonight :slight_smile:


paperclip i have some questions .Did you use AceFTP3 for uploading yours? How big was your tiff file? What kind of internet connection you used? 56k ,adsl…?


well, I recieved an e-mail confirmation :shrug:


I did use AceFTP3, free download from the website:http://software.visicommedia.com/en/products/aceftpfreeware/

Tiff file was pretty big, I’m not on the comp now so I can’t check. Flatten the layers before you save as TIFF, you’ll save time. I used broadband access. Hope this helps you some!


I didn’t get any confirmation mail either.

It uploaded fine, and I can go in and see it on my “upload final” page.


Sometimes the confirmation email doesn’t come in for a good while-- as long as you get it within 7 hours of submitting, I wouldn’t panic too much. :slight_smile:

EDIT: I got mine after 7 hours. It’s probably fine after then. Anything after that is probably OK too, I just don’t know about that.


Hi, paperclip i’ve a question for you - yeah i know that is the mibus house:) - but i’v seen your entry (and the nebezial entry too) in the Finished Work gallery BEFORE the end of the challenge, but when i tried to do the same thing this is the response:

"Your submission has been declined for the following reason(s):
Please do not submit challenge images until AFTER the challenge has ended.

Maybe i did something wrong?

and what mean AFTER? after de voting? after the deadline?

tankyou for help :thumbsup:


I did try to upload my final again. Is it all right to use non compressed *.zip file ( the same size of zip as is *.tif ) ?

paperclip - for me it was more than 7 hrs now.
Miiiibuuuuussssss weeee neeeeed youuuuu :smiley:


Hmm…did you label it ‘challenge entry- name’? If so, that might be your problem- I submitted mine under a different name and I didn’t have any problems. :smiley: I do have friends who are mods, so that could be another reason- one might have taken pity on me! Try again…that’s all I can say!

Oweron: Did you check the upload page and refresh that? It’s OK to have an uncompressed TIFF, then zip that and FTP the zipped file. Did you give the file the same name as the zip? I’m not sure if that’s necessary, but it could help? :shrug: Zip files ARE compressed anyway.

The 7 hours was how long it took for me to get my email, after that it’s in the realm of the mibus. :smiley:


I called my zip file, the name I was handed, but the tiff file it self is called something else.
Does it matter what the tiff is called?