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no mibus i was asking about 2d challenge milestones as in the below link


whether i can add text over my image

if i shudnt do that i have to re submit all the milestones

so please help me regarding this

thank you


Yes! Winzip did the trick.
Thank you guys so much. Great feedback.

About the ftp steps, I would kinda like to know that too.
Never really used ftp, so a brief guide would be perfect.


As a mistake l submit mileston: Shading(Textured and lit) type as milestone:final image jpg. and the image that l submit is not the final image jpg.At the end when l Submit my real milestone:Final lmage jpg would it be ok?


I seem to be having the same problem dorian3d is having. I can’t upload my final image. I’ve saved it in tiff… zipped it… and tried to upload it in the submit entry page… but didn’t work. What did I do wrong?


can i know if save at jpeg file which format better?! Izit RGB better?! Because my artwork color diffrent when see at monitor screen and lcd screen…help~!!


ravioli_rancher: Email me a copy of the ZIP and I’ll take a look (robert@ballisticmedia.net)

dorian3d: Go to the “Submit Final Image” page, you get the FTP connection details there. There are various FTP guides around the web you should be able to use.

iamawizard: They look OK to me.

ASHIATAKA: As long as you’ve submitted one image for each milestone in the dropdown then you’re OK. If your Shaded image is your final image, then resubmit it and select “Final Image” in the dropdown.

hungthai: You must use the “Submit Final Image” page to upload the TIFF. You do need to upload a Final Image JPG to the regular submit entry page.

toribird: Use RGB, yes.


Iv’e been trying to upload my final image for the last 5 days. I get a FTP connection, upload it and all appears final. But when I check my status, it still shows that I have not uploaded my final image.


ASHIATAKA: As long as you’ve submitted one image for each milestone in the dropdown then you’re OK. If your Shaded image is your final image, then resubmit it and select “Final Image” in the dropdown.

Thanks Robert Mibus for your answer.But there is a misunderstanding.
The image which l submit was for the Shading (Textured and lit) milestone.
But as a mistake l submit that image as ‘‘Final image’’ (that is the wrong one)
Then l resubmit the image and select ‘‘Shading (Textured and lit)’’ (that is the right one)
Now the image seems both in Shading (Textured and lit) and Final image .At the end if l submit my original ‘‘Final lmage’’ jpg. will it be OK.
Sorry l take your time twice.


thanks mibus


Thanks Mibus.


Please, help me! Can I place some text to my final image? For example title of my work?


just a quick Q. what if internet user are not allowed to use any ftp programs in there using computers like a restrictions block ipswitch_home edition just for ex.are being blocked in the office or internet cafe, or some webftp url’s what do u prefer alternative solutions for the high resolution 300dpi or more,? i guess it can be yousendit.com but i know its too awkward for the cgsociety folks.,but how do u handle that, u just denied the entries? pls advice.thank you


I have one question. May I post my work after deadline date (27 may) in other galleries, or I can do it only when the results will be known and the challenge will finish?

Thank you!


moderators and admin here? i notice that some entries here can upload up to 2mb size i thought the file size image should only be 150kb or less jpeg format when u submit for the critqz.i fully respect this forum but since this is a challenge for everyone registered members here’ i know many folks here are trying to compress there images since it is required by the moderators,150kb for jpeg but 2mb or more? thats unfair,right click properties and u will noticed some,


I’ve posting my final TIFF image using the FTP guide named “Fetch” and it seens to be going fine. But when I do the Refresh on the CG page, It still says that I’ve not sended the final image. What can be going on??


SideAche: Looks OK to me… it’s likely your FTP software just didn’t realise that it worked.

BobbEr: Sure, but don’t let the image rely on it.

nards26: Try to find a web cafe or library that allows FTP.


nards26: Please post an example.

Guile_tc: Did you use the filename given to you on the Final Image page?


hi tech support, heres are just sample links i just checked u can checkout the properties or computing the bytes:

im not against these people since i love there works and everyones work here b’coz it also inspire me to draw more,but well this is a contest so everyone in the forum must follow rules accordingly to the admin or moderators here, it happens that the size of these files is over
150KB’ 200kb almost actually or maybe some can be mb’s so this is my Q.? how come the webserver can upload such bigfiles, is there an error syntax in the backend programs?
im just curious,:slight_smile:


nard26: The 150kb limit is enforced before the image has the copyright banner added. After that, the server will recompress to whatever size it deems necessary to maintain quality.


ok thanks 4 the answer mibus.:slight_smile:


“Image dimensions should be print resolution (as large as you can possibly render). Do not send in a low-resolution placeholder and ask us to get back to you, as we won’t.
A guideline is 2657 pixels wide and/or 3636 high, 300 DPI.”

Hi Mibus,
I am abit confuse here, I have uploaded the final HiRes Tiff file as required, everthing is fine, I sent it at file size 3636x2657 @ 72dpi, is that OK? Do I have to convert it to 300dpi, could you please clarify that for me?