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Thank you medunecer for your help. Anyway my mistake was compresing the files in rar format-not zip. With zip it worked.
Thank you Mibus for the help.
After the submit I got the mesage: Your movie has been uploaded! but the movie did’nt show, I think for a quick time error on that computer. Where can I see my turnable, just to be sure everything is all right.


Dear sir,

:sad: I have already uploded turntable but,there are some mistacked in my turntable,so i have to
upload new turntable,so what is Processed ? Pls let me know.

Actualy i dont know how to upload in turntable images,so i don wrong processed ? That for.



Hi Robert,

I still getting “Could not convert ZIPped sequence into a movie.” message, I don’t know what wrong with it…:sad: could you help me with this…


:thumbsup: Thanks all, I got it! “Your movie has been uploaded!”:thumbsup: :thumbsup:


Hmm, what I do is go to the folder that has all the images saved, I open that folder and I see all the 120 images , I shift select all the frames and then zip the archive with no other directory just a name like Myturntable.zip. Could it be my zip program or maybe virus software that is getting in the way? I will have to deal with this a little later.
Alvin, glad you got yours uploaded , what did you do.


Hi mmoir, what I did was… open the folder which has all the 120 jpg images, shift select them all and right click " add to zip file", named the zipped file(i.e myTB), on Upload Turntable section, click “Browse” to locate the zipped file(myTB) and submit it, thats all.
Sounds like same as what you do… :shrug:



I really,really,really need your help , could you please upload my turntable for me. No matter what I do it wont work, I have probably rendered my image sequence 10 times a different way each time. I switched the aspect ratio and zipped like alvincgi did and it doesn’t work.
I just emailed you the zipped file. Thanks.


Sorry to ask such an incredibly stupid question -but i know it says to save the jpg images for the turntable at 85%. I know in photoshop it gives you the options of saving the image quality as 12 Maximum down to 3 Low -but i cant see and am unaware of any option to save as 85%. Could anyone tell me the best way to do this? And sorry again for such a dumb question - i really have tried to look but genuinely dont have a clue here!


Hello Selina;

Since you have a value of 12 for the *.jpeg settings… I presume your photoshop is a version that happens to have a “Save for Web” option.

Shall you click on that (it is in the same drop menu as “Save” is), PhotoShop will open another window where you can play with the optimisation settings.

There you’ll notice that you have a slider for the quality value of the *.jpeg compression.
I am not too sure, but I presume they must have been reffering to that when mentioning of 85%.
The slider sets it’s value from 0 to 100 max.

Hope this was of some use.



Thank you very much Black!

It was and i now have it up and running so thank you very much and my apologies for my incredible silliness!


want 2 know wheteher i am allowed to have text as i have done in my milestones


thank you for the replies


… … thanks:thumbsup: … … .


… … :thumbsup: thanks …


I know this has been asked 100 of times before, but I don’t see what I do wrong, so I have to ask.

It’s about uploading turnable.
I select my 120 frames turnable, contained of 320 by 240 pixels JPEG images, of a quality of 85 %.
I right click, and pack them in a ZIP file.
I try to upload them, but it says The ZIP couldn’t be converted to film.
The ZIP file is on about 415 kb.

What should I do?



I am having similar problems, what zip software and software are you using . I am using UltimateZip and Carrara studio to create the image sequence, do you use any of these two programs in creating your turntable.


Yep, I’m using UltimateZIP too.
Perhaps I should try another “zipper”.


Hi Doffer/Mibus

Doffer thank you very much for responding to my question about what software you used for zipping. I tried again using Winzip which I also had on my system but never use and my turntable uploaded fine . After 20 times or so trying it is nice to finally see my turntable upload.

Soooo…, I was using Ultimate zip 2.71 to zip up my images and it doesn’t work, Mibus you may wan’t to let people who are having problems know this. I am going to check if ultimate zip has updates as my version is probably old.


The turntables are at the top of each person’s challenge page; the link is in the first post in your challenge thread.

XITIJ412: You can upload over previous turntables. If you have trouble uploading, post here what you’ve got so far and we can help you through it.

iamawizard: No, it’s just the animation.

Doffer: As mmoir hints at, try another zip program.

The “problem” with the other ZIP software (judging from the ZIPs mmoir has sent me) is that it’s putting the JPEGs in a folder inside the ZIP file, even when you’ve not asked it to. There’s likely an option for it, else you can try different software.


Please help.

I’ve uploaded a .zip file using PicoZip, PKZip, Winzip, and 7-Zip.

Each time it says Upload Successful. But, each time, no Quicktime movie.

I’ve tried the naming conventions img0000.jpg, img_0000.jpg, img000.jpg. and still, no movie will start.

The files (120 total) are 320 X 240, exactly as instructed, and saved at 85% .jpg in photoshop (exported directly from ZBrush, one at a time as a .PSD).

If it says upload successfull, why won’t the quicktime play?

Again, please help.


I need a little help about the Ftp & final Image.
Has anyone submited the Final Image? Can you show the steps followed using ftp for the final submition?