FAQ - The Journey Begins


For questions/answers on the Challenge, please post here…

     [b]                    1. Please read the instructions before posting here.[/b]
     [b] 2. Please help us to answer questions. If you see a question already answered, please refer the person to that answer so that we don't keep repeating ourselves.[/b]


                         [b]Technical Support[/b]
For all registration errors, or technical errors while using the Challenge site, please email me (Robert Mibus, [email="robert@ballisticmedia.net"]robert@ballisticmedia.net[/email]).

[color=White]- Challenge-Specific -
Q: How early do I have to start submitting milestones?
A: As early as possible. Although there is no due date earlier than the final closing date, part of the final judging vote puts emphasis on Community Interaction, which means that people who ‘hold back’ their work in progress till the last minute can be penalized.

         [b]  Q: Can we work in teams? What about pairs?[/b]
                         A: No, this is not a team challenge.
                      [b]   Q: I'm using a new email but the challenge keeps sending stuff to my old one. How do I fix that?[/b]
                         A: You go into CGTalk's UserCP (User Control Panel) and change your email address there. If you still have problems, email me.
         [b] Q: What if I am a winner and I want a different prize? E.g. What if I win the Grand Prize but I want the Runner Up prize instead?[/b]

A: You can contact the other winner with the prize that you want, and ask if they want to do an exchange. What you guys do with your prizes is up to you, and we’re not going to be involved in it.
[/color]Q: How do I actually enter the competition?
A: Go to the challenge site and click on “Enter The Challenge”. Upload your pictures through the challenge site submission (“Submit Your Entry”).

                    [b]Q: Do I tag every concept sketch uploaded as a milestone, or just THE final concept sketch. [/b]
                    A: Everything is a milestone until you do the final image.
       [/color][b]Q: How i can get out of this challenge?[/b]
                    A: Just stop submitting. 
                 Q: Can I have multiple entries? 
                 [/b]A: No. As stated in the guidelines, no multiple entries although it's possible to enter both the 2D and 3D challenges as long as the two are vastly different in concept.
         [b]Q: Can I upload my WIP images to my own server? Is that counted?[/b]

A: No. Please use the Challenge site facility to upload your Work-In-Progress. The purpose of the image hosting on the Challenge site is to give everyone the equal opportunity to post their work-in-progress, and have it hosted. At the conclusion of the Challenge, you will undoubtedly remove any Work-In-Progress images from your personal website and generate broken links all over CGTalk - so please use the Challenge upload facility.

         [b]- Technical[/b][color=White][b] -[/b]
          [/color][b]Q: Are random or parametric terrain and foliage/plant generation software (Bryce/Vue/Terragen) allowed?[/b]
      A: Yes
     [b]Q: Can I use Poser, Daz 3D or pre-fabricated models?[/b]
     A: No. The purpose of the "Challenge" is to challenge artists in creating original concepts and characters. Where's the challenge in using pre-fabricated characters as main subjects?
            [b]Q: Can I use Poser to make background characters?[/b]
                      A: No, if your characters are tiny it won't take you much effort to model some lowpoly humans anyway.
          [b]Q: Can I use a trial version of a software?[/b]
                      A: Yes. We don't care. The final image must not have watermarks on it.
                    [b]Q: The guidelines in the instructions says that the resolution for the final image should be at least 2657 pixels wide and/or 3636 high, 300 DPI (portrait). Why do you need such a high resolution for?[/b]

A: We want to train people to create artwork for print. Therefore, things such as detailed textures and meshes become important in the creation of your artwork. The final image needs to be prepared for print, and we want everyone to work towards producing work that is print quality by habit.

                    [b]Q: What resolution do you want the final image to be exactly? What about if we make the image a different aspect ratio and orientation?[/b]

A: Your final image aspect ratio and orientation will dictate your final resolution. We want images that will print at 300dpi on a 22 x 30cm page (whatever orientation). Please do your research and work this out yourselves. Your final image will need to be rendered at enough resolution to print and hold up detail.

Q: Because of hardware limitations, is it ok to render a part and use it as a background, or render in “layers” and composite it all togueder later?

A: All post trickery is allowed and encouraged.

                    [b]Q: Any problems if I do it with a student license of Maya?[/b]
                   A: If it is watermarked then yes. Otherwise, no.
                   [b]Q: Is it ok to use vray, RenderMan or 3rd party renderers for rendering?[/b]
                   A: Why wouldn't it be? (yes)
                   [b]Q: While I know its ok to use 2D textures in this 3D project....is it going to be ok to use a 2D element as a back drop? Like a background....like a matte painting?[/b]
                   A: Yes.
                     [b]Q: Are we allowed to use web downloaded textures?[/b]

A: Yes, but they will have to be modified to suit your image. If stock textures are recognised there may be a penalty by the community and the judges, consciously or unconsciously.


Just so you know, there is presently an error with submitting the TYPE of entry for the challenge. It may be best to wait until the problem is fixed.


Would you mind deleting http://forums.cgsociety.org/showthread.php?t=322551 this thread? It’s a multiple. Thanks!


hi! what’s is " submit turntable" on the left bar of challenge page?:shrug:


Hi there, Sorry if it is somewhere but I couldn’t find the deadline date of the challenge :shrug:


Hi everyone! I think we’re going to have fun :slight_smile:

erilaz: Problem solved. Nobody should worry, it was just a typo in the thread titles.

monsitj: Ah! One of the small changes for this challenge is that 3D artists must, as part of their modeling milestone, submit a turntable. (It can be untextured and GI-lit).

Climax: 27 February 2006 - 27 May 2006


Does the turntable have to be full 360 degrees? Or can it be lets say 180 degrees?

Another question is the judging? How will it work? Who are the judges?

Thanks.and good luck to all.


i got the confirmation for 3D entry

i did not receive any mail confirmation for 2D challenge registration

what should i do?


Alright, this may be a stupid question here, but I can’t see the thumbnail previews next to each thread, not only in the challenge threads but in the gallery threads as well. I’ve tried with IE and firefox, and poked around in my control panel but no dice…could anyone suggest what might be wrong? Is it just me? >.>

Thanks in advance!


May 2D or 3D entries contain textual elements?

Perhaps a quote or some short message which is meant to compliment the image.

If not, may the title of the image be displayed on some portion of the submitted image in a small black bar on the top or bottom?


Robert-Question about the links, Are they suppose to be going to the Spectacular Challenge threads?? Because when i click those links they seem to go there, And are we gonna have thumbnails for the threads??:shrug:


In reference to this:

Q: Can I have multiple entries?
A: No. As stated in the guidelines, no multiple entries although it’s possible to enter both the 2D and 3D challenges as long as the two are vastly different in concept.

If you do not use a concept you submitted in one challenge section (eg. 2D), can you resubmit it in the other? The only reason I ask is I accidently submitted one of my concepts to the wrong section, and I don’t want to be disqualified on a blunder! :slight_smile:
To make it more concise, can I use a concept that I submitted and didn’t use in the 2D challenge for my concept in the 3D one?


Oww poo, I got an SQL syntax error. The ’ in my last name creates problems so I get an error instead of entering :frowning: (I have not tried multiple times, don’t worry… just incase the problem suddenly fixes… don’t whant to overload the server whit duplicate post ^^)

Error: You have an error in your SQL syntax. Check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near ‘Este’, [some numbers], [numbers], [number], ‘Lady Medusa’, [more numbers], ‘Lady Medusa’

Not quite sure what they mean whit the part I bolded, Do this mean I have to find some sort of code for the ’ (don’t know what they call them in English DX!)?

Edit: What’s a turntable :S?


Well, after all I decided to try competing with the giants for the first time;) So I have to ask some rude and barbarian question. Please see the first sentence of point #1 when answering:)

Is it expected that all the stuff submitted was modeled specifically for this challenge? What if I decide to upload an image I`ve been working on from some time (never posted anywhere as a whole nor using previously posted stuff) and that fits the theme? If it is allowed, is it a problem that I probably have sent some fragments of it to obtain wip feedback on other forums?


I submitted a concept sketch, but it’s not showing up in my thread.

Also, chiming in about the thumbnails: are we getting rid of them for this challenge or something?


do u have to be a member of CGsociety to join the challenge?


no, you don’t, joining is free for everyone, you need to be member of CGtalk forums I think (which is free).


Mibus can you help me change the Thread 's titles

I write a wrong name , i want change the name to gong yi(not the simplechinese),thx.


I figured it out, my mind was a complete blank on this one too heheh. :blush: It’s your models from all views, you just rotate your model 180 degrees and render that out. :slight_smile:



Could you be more specific about the “turntable submission”, how is it different from the ordinary WIP and why are they separated? Someone said something about angles and I got confused :shrug:.