FAQ: Can I Create My Own Sketchbook or Anatomy Thread?


        For those of you wondering whether or not you may create your own Sketchbook or Anatomy Thread, the answer is [b]YES![/b] :) 
           I only ask that you stick to the naming convention of calling your thread:
           [b][color=LemonChiffon]2D Artists should call their threads:[/color][/b]

Sketchbook Thread of Your Name


[/b]Anatomy Thread of Your Name
[color=LemonChiffon]3D Artists may choose instead to call their threads:

[/color][/b][b]Anatomy Thread of Your Name


Figurative Thread of [/b]Your Name

           [left]Sketchbook / Anatomy / Figurative Threads are about independent study with advice and feedback from the community and myself as needed.
          You are welcome to post work to your own Sketchbook / Anatomy / Figurative Thread that you have posted elsewhere on the forums.
           [left]You need not ask permission to create your own Sketchbook / Anatomy / Figurative Thread.
         I encourage everyone who creates a Sketchbook / Anatomy / Figurative Thread to regularly comment on others' threads as well! :)
 [/b][left]While the new naming convention for most is "Sketchbook Thread of *name*" this does not mean that work posted to these threads should be non~figurative. 
 [b]What [/b][b]Sketchbook / Anatomy / Figurative Threads[/b][b] may contain:[/b]
 [b]Anything [i]Figurative[/i].[/b] This includes 2D/3D:
 -figurative armor / clothing
 [b]What [/b][b]Sketchbook / Anatomy / Figurative Threads [/b][b]may not contain:
 [/b][b]Anything [i]Non~Figurative[/i].[/b] This includes 2D/3D:
           -cars (transportation)
 -guns / weapons etc. if not attached to a figure
 It's not as though I'm going to mind if these things are occasionally posted ~ however, the focus here on the Artistic Anatomy and Figurative Art Forum should remain just that. :)
           [left]Cheers, :)
            - Rebeccak


By the way, I encourage everyone who creates their own Sketchbook / Anatomy / Figurative Thread to please comment on others’ Anatomy Threads as well. It shouldn’t just be me replying, the purpose of these threads is to learn from one another. :slight_smile:

I regularly update this Master List of Personal Sketchbook Threads:

[Sketchbook / Anatomy / Figurative Threads of Individual Users](http://forums.cgsociety.org/showpost.php?p=2817397&postcount=12)

Try checking out the thread of someone new on a daily / weekly basis, and leave your comments, constructive critique, and advice.

Looking forward to seeing your posts! :)




Hey all,

It seems that everyone is doing an amazing job of checking up on and commenting on one another’s threads. It’s great to see, please keep up the great work! :slight_smile:




Due to request, I’ve changed the naming convention for Personal Threads from “Anatomy Thread of Name” to “Sketchbook Thread of Name” (except for those who wanted their thread titles to remain unchanged). Please bear with me as I make these changes.

Poll ~ Naming Convention for Personal Anatomy Threads

For those that do not wish to have the names of their threads changed (those who voted to keep the naming convention as is) I won’t change the names of their threads.

The forum code allows only a forum leader to change the thread title as it appears on the forum once the thread is created. This is not something that I can change / have control over, so for better or worse, I’m the person who can change thread titles for this forum, so please understand that it takes a bit of time to change all of the names. :slight_smile:

If I have changed the name of your thread and you did not want it to be changed, please just post a note here and I will be happy to change it back.

For those of you wondering why there is a naming convention at all, it is because it helps me to keep things organized, and also, making sure that people include their usernames as a part of their thread title ensures that people who search for your work by your username can find it. :slight_smile:

Cheers, :slight_smile: