Fantasy Plane - Cbrk 74, Anacardo (3D)


The model was created for a short movie I always wanted to make but never did (it was ANTI-WAR despite what the images might suggest). After two years in the closet, I decided to take it back, finish the texture and render at least this image.
The plane features indipendent rotating engines and ailerons for maximum agility and moves more or less like a falcon (the animal, not the plane). Crew of two (pilot, bomber).

This was my first model completely made in 3dsmax, it’s a low poly model created for animation.

This is the back view. The red dots you see are the lights of the visual communication system (like morse) used in formation flight. Note that the plane has three points of suspension: the carriage in the center and two wheels on the tip of the vertical planes. The two wheels are fixed while the main carriage is steerable.

Here are the main views of the plane. I’ve tilted one of the engines and the ailerons of the main wings to show what I meant for “rotating engine”. Note that the version you see has only fuel tanks and not bombs.


this is awesome. :smiley:


pretty sweet, kind of looks like a meld between a WWII P51 and a WWII sub. Cool.



wow, that’s a really cool design! you did an excellent job weathering the ship too.


That’s a great model with some excellent texture maps. For a low poly model, I think that you’ve done very well. It looks very effective from every direction except the front and back views. If I did anything to the model, I’d add a little to those profiles. Other than that, I like it a lot.

You’ve got quite an imagination.



That’s an awesome idea that you have there. I do hope that you plan to make some sort of animation. I’d love to see it in action so to speak. Anyway, keep up the good work.




Overall… it rocks.

Personally, it doesn’t look like a very stable wheel structure. If there were a couple of secondary wheels to drop from the wings I think it would balance it out (as well as add to the front/back profiles that Ed mentioned).


Really beautiful work. That’s a great model, but what really gets me is the texturing. The wind-streaked dustiness really works for me. I guess it could be a tiny bit more dirty (the propellers seem a bit clean to me).

Also, you mentioned that it flies like a falcon … do you have any test animations you’ve done that demonstrate how this looks? I’m trying to picture it and it seems an odd concept - I’m trying to wrap my mind around an image of a plane flapping its wings and then gliding. A neat idea, but i’m not sure how it would move without looking like it should fall apart (though I suppose that could be the point). Maybe I’m missing the point entirely. Just curious =)

Anywho, that’s a marvelous piece of work. Welcome to CGTalk =)




Great Model!

Meno male che c’è anche qualche italiano!


The model looks fantastic, superbly executed all round.

My only dislike is the wing span - it seems very small for such a huge fuselage… but that could just be down to personal preference.


Pretty cool. Interesting design somewhere between captain Harlock’s Arcadia (Matsumoto Leiji) and Porco Rosso’s plane (Miyazaki Hayao). A mix of old and futuristic.

There a little problem with the antialiasing (see the wires at the top of the plane).

I like your textures and lightning!


the texturing on this plane is freaking amazing. I am really enjoying the way you’ve got it looking with these textures. The detail put in with those textures is a great example, to me, of the power of good texturing


the wing span looks small comapared to the size of those engines and the actual body of the plane itself, (fuselage??) Could a plane with a body to wingspan ratio like that really fly? I thought the wingspan had to meet some ratio, i’m not sure, u perhaps may know moer about it than me!!

overall, this is great work, i love it!!
:beer: :beer: :beer:

oh yeah, wouldnt mind a wire!! :bounce:

second glance,
the propellers, first/top picture, the inner texturing (closer to the center of propeller) seems a lil weird to me, it seems like its got some kind of pre-shaded technique going on, or perhaps what may appear to make it work as a displacement/bump map or something but it’s just not looking right to me, but hey, that’s just me opinion!! what do i know…


Really very nice design:) :slight_smile:


Awsome :bounce:
You say its low poly but what is the polycount?


I happened to see this beauty a day or 2 ago but didn’t stop to comment…congrats on getting front page!

Love the design, the cool mix of retro technology and futuristic design. Did you sketch and plan it out first, or just start right in modeling? Would love to see any sketches, if you’re willing.



Amazing model sir!! :thumbsup:

Love the blend of technologies!

C&C:I cant see the little wheels on the rudders side view.with all the respect, maybe a solution like U-2 or AV8 for the Mk2 version:D ?
Where the bomber goes?
On the nose it looks like a big free fall bomb or a missile that will leave the cockpit/wing part upon release!(just dreaming here!)
Beautiful textures!!
Beg part:do you know a good tut on weathering?Its amazing how it adds realism to the model!

Thanks for sharing your imagination with us !!

Getrag out


Excellent stuff. Great plane design. You should sign up for Crimson skies 3. The design id very reminiscent of the game. You should check it out.


Amazing work.

You said it was part of an short movie, can you show any of the other models you were planning on using?



wow, that’s a really cool design!


OMG! :bowdown: :drool:
WICKED :buttrock:!