fantasy, Loïc e338 Zimmermann (2D)


Title: fantasy
Name: Loïc e338 Zimmermann
Country: United States
Software: Painter, Photoshop

initially painted for a book, this illustration now goes into the “rejected but I still dig you” section of my work.

wanted to achieve something nice, soft, feminine. Photoshop and Painter. 8h or so…


i love this construct!
it let me think…


very sensible. great work! 5*


simple, poetic…love your render, love colors!
Really nice work :thumbsup:


[left]Innovative texturing style.[/left]


Very inspiring


Great color palet and textures! Very inspiring work, as usual :wink:


Tres jolie mon ami,
Very nice my friend,
Molto bello mi amicco,
Muy bonito amigo mio.


loved the colours and also the structure of the skull it is awesome…
want some more :smiley:


I love it. Colours and the texture are great.


nice image


Nice work. Seems a bit of a deviation from past pieces. Not bad in any way, just different. Anyways, I just want to say great work overall. Not just this piece, but collectively. It was interesting visiting your portfolio and seeing several works that had caught my eye in other places (many from ImagineFX. loved the Frazetta tribute btw) and is pretty cool to finally see the man behind the curtain so to speak. By all means, keep it up! I look forward to continue seeing where your road takes you.


Interesting image - I love all the subtle textures. LONG neck, not that I don’t like it though! :smiley: Good job.


Very beautiful work man



love it. simply elegant…:thumbsup:.


Hi folks. I’m glad you like it. Nice feeback so far, on something pretty different from, well, you know, my stuff…


Yaya741228: damn, and they say my name is complicated! Thx man.

Bechira: thanks, thanks.

Olive2d: thx, yeah, these days I’m aiming for more simplicity in my work; cannot hurt. Ravis que tu aimes.

Leocda: yo; regarding the textures I work this way over some 3D stuff usually. I’m more into 2D for now when it comes to personal stuff.

Bizio: Glad I can inspire. Your turn!

Joblh: thanks good fella. God bless the Netherlands !

Siquier: Ola ombré! Mucho mucho merci l’ami! It was good seeing you on some 263pictures recently man, reminded me of some good time!

Imranshaikh: hourra, someone saw the skull, hahhaha. Thanks man. Wanna see more?; I’m sure you’ve not seen it all yet J

Masebi : colours, textures; that’s the key dear! Thanks a lot.

Flayer: thx

Ksottam: And you would be right sir! That is indeed pretty far from my usual stuff although some of the technique is shared. I actually had great fun on a series of illustration I made recently, far from my usual colours, subjects and treatment. It kinda opened me to experiment on some new flavours. This is more classic tho’, regarding the style and the subject.

here are a few samples of the serie… my 2 favs i guess.

Xeophex: thanks. Yes the neck is long, since I love long necks. Hahaha.

All my modellings for chicks bounces back to me at least once in order to fix the neck, so, when it’s for me, there are no limits!

Phoenix: Thanks, cheers.

Waheednasir. Elegant you say? Sweet! I made it! J


very nice imagination :slight_smile: like the way u have used the colors its simply great MAN!! keep it up:thumbsup:


Another style and always amazing … :applause:




Impressive painting … Keep it up



Also, I love the mood in the last two paintings you posted, same goes for the apartment with the window on your CG portfolio. Any idea if they become available for print purchase? I’m looking for something special for my new apartment in Amsterdam =]