Fantasy Forest,, Daniel, Park (2D)


Title: Fantasy Forest,
Name: Daniel, Park
Country: Korea (South)
Software: Photoshop

Hi there! My name is daniel I started this image a few month ago. But I didn’t have much time to finish it because of my hectic schedule. isn’t it a great excuse?
Finally I had holiday here in Korea, so I’ve just finished it.
Basic idea of this image cames from simple two things, a huge plant and deep valley.I developed this idea and I wanted to evoke a sense of huge scale and atmospherical depth.
actually, I changed its layout several times until I satisfied with a composition. Whole things were painted in Photoshop with basic brush and my custom brush.
I think this is concept-wise painting so someday I want to make this image more photo-reallistic like mattepainting.
I hope you guys like it and I really want your critics!

>> Hi resolution image <<


Wow! Fantastic work! Great colours,so perfect details,lighting…I can see that this work is painting with love.5 from me!


Yesreally exellent and fantasticcoo design and relly pretty good paiting~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~well done!!~!~!~!:thumbsup: :scream: :bounce: cool pic~


very nice environment…i like the lil detail here and there!



I started with this sketch

[ This is WIP #01 ]

[ This is WIP #02 ]

Thank you very much inky2, TR.HaDEs, keithc!
I have been working 3D Environment Artist for three years and I have much interested in concept painting. and I am trying to extend my skill into above level.

I am really appreciate your comment encouraging me!


I started with this thumnail sketch

[ WIP #01 ]

[ WIP #02 ]


Wow. So much detail. Awesome.


wow! fantastic! sorry no crits :slight_smile:


wow! great work excellent lighting. I liked the details very very much. No crits
Keep posting.



This is totally awsome. Too good to give crits :applause:


breathtaking indeed :slight_smile:


Wow that’s looking great, awesome detailing and there’s such a great mood in it.
Looking at the little figures on the bridge it kinda reminds me of the Rivendel scene in the Lord of the rings movie, it evokes the same feeling IMO, just great! :thumbsup:


:bounce:Stunning piece !!


very cool detail man great colours used:applause:


Great environment concept… only crit is that the “mushroom trees” (don’t know what to call it!) look too similar and aligned, doesn’t look like “nature-made”, as if man were there before and helped to bring that up… was this the ideia behind the concept? anyway, minor stuff, the image looks great…


Excellent Concept!


really nice landscape!


great fantasy:thumbsup:



The lighting is excellent. Very lush image. No crits here.


congratulations man what a great piece . no words just wow and 5stars :thumbsup: