Fantasy Cat Warrior


Pretty much done with this but I’ll probably make a couple tweaks before I put it in my portfolio. Any critique is welcome, be as harsh as you want. :slight_smile:

8"x10" 600 dpi Photoshop CS

Axe Detail
Face Detail


You did a really amazing job! The only critiques I have are that the powerful jaw detracts from the idea that this is a feline/humaniod and also the way the foot paw is drawn. The claws feel like they should be coming out from in between the toes as opposed to being atatched to the toes. Maybe add some teeth as well? I know these suggestions are pretty minor things, just throwing around ideas. Otherwise I think you created an awesome image, I would not like to get this guy angry!


I’m sorry, but it doesn’t look anything like a cat in any way, shape, or form, to me.

Cats have sleek, triangular heads ~ This guy has a squat, squarish head.
Cats have a fairly unobtrusive brow bone ~ This guy looks like a neanderthal.
Cats have pointed ears ~ This guy has two extremely large knitting needles with metal stitch counters sprouting from his head.
Cats have slender legs and rounded paws, with very slim, and hooked claws ~ This guy has short, stocky limbs, human hands with NO claws, and a foot that looks like it belongs on a hairy velociraptor more than something calling itself “cat” anything.

The lack of whiskers just piles on why this guy, for all his fur, and his cute little triangle nose, is NOT a cat warrior. To me, at least…



My first impression is like “Whoa! Cool!”
I really like the light from the fire in the back (right?) and the way it gleams of the double axes. It looks like a very finished piece to me already.

However I do agree with CyberGfx up to a certain point. However I think the face does look catlike (although it seems he has a beard is that correct?) but the head shape seems a bit less directly noticable.

For the ears, feet and tail I really get a Rat feel from this piece. So maybe it would be an idea to round out the ears some more and call it a rat warrior.

Great Image! :thumbsup:


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