Fanatsy3d - Jeanna D'arc, Anatoliy (3D)



this is my 3D work “Janna” (3DS Max 4, DeepPaint3D, ShagHair):

Anatoliy Meymuhin


very nice job, very nice indeed, but there’s a couple of factors you need to concentrate your attention to.
-her fingernails should be the same as men’s only extending OUT of her fingers, not WITH her fingers.
-Her thumb looks weird.
-Her eyes look like she wore make-up of something
-Hair on first look looks nice, but when you take a second look, they look like a hairball.
-Her expression is a bit “dull”. She is after all casted in fire!!
-Also, You could easily do some backgrounds that blur due to focus. that way, you could make it simple, and still fill in your scene.

I must comment you on your choice, Joan of Arc is a great theme, personally i would’ve gone with the point where a cross is risen at the height of her eyes, and she looks at it, very dramatic.


Thanks, diazgl


Wireview and screenshots you can see hire:


i love the picture, i just really feel like it is about to cross the boundry from “great 3d” to “spectacular 3d”. I believe my biggest thought is with the skin on her face and the lighting. If you can make them more realistic, it will be much better :slight_smile:


i can see a bit of Catherine Zeta-Jones in her and a bit of Joan of Arc with the metal armour and chains.



Thanks, but I must say that I don’t like “too realistic” and “deep 3D looks like” style. My style is “3d looks like paint”. You can find more my artwork here:
The Interview with me here:


Well same points as first reply. Fingers look too long… cut them short and make the nails extend instead.
The hair looks kinda wierd. Dunno,… very messy and kinda lacking…
The armour is too nice and shiny imho.
Other than that looks good :smiley:


wow, this really looks great…
it doesen’t look like a 3d model, more like a very good painting, as you intended i think ;)…

well, great job!!! looks fantastic


This is a very old work… ïî÷åìó òû ðåøèë å¸ âûëîæèòü?


Originally posted by Erka2
This is a very old work… ïî÷åìó òû ðåøèë å¸ âûëîæèòü?

Yes I know, but I requested the artist to post it, not knowing it was already here :wink: No need to get all hot and bothered :), nice art is just that, besides its the one time.

Also I wanted to add it to the gallery, but most haven’t seen it yet since we didn’t start the 4 plug thing late last year.



looks nice, however those shackles look like they would fall off of her hands if she put her arms down.


Did you let someone use this on a game fan page? When I saw it in a logo about two months back I scoured the newtek and LW mailing lists looking for your email because I had seen it a long time back, when you did that hologram test.

Just was wondering since the admin of the site said they created it, and I already knew better.

Still looks as amazing as the first time around.


Just extrodinary :eek:

It looks wic :thumbsup:

Is she some kind of princess?


Wow… the hands are what really impressed me a lot. :applause:


Nice man. I really like it. Good work.


Nice “painted” look to it. I thought it was a 3D head that someone rendered for light reference and then did a lot of 2D/post work on in photo shop. I was amazed when I saw the screen snap shots and realized that it was mostly 3D texturing and lighting.


Beautiful, good work! :thumbsup:


I like it very Joan of Arc. My only adivce would be that either her hands needs to be bigger or more likely the shackeles smaller since the current state it is she could easily slide her hand out of them.:thumbsup:


superb!!! nothing to say… :eek: