Fan Model of Warframe's Braton


Currently working on a 3D model based on the MK-1 Braton from the Warframe game. I managed to get a nice set of pieces together to get the general shape of the gun ready. I need to retopologize it now, and then find a way to add the little details that are on the actual gun (the small ridges on the barrel, the engraving at the end of the gun, etc.). If anyone has any tips on that, or anything else I could do, I’d love to get some advice so I can begin to be less of a beginner, and start working on some cool stuff.


You have a nice base going on.
You can break down the midsection into different parts also. It doesn’t have to be modeled all in one chunk of a piece.
It’s so early on at this stage that there’s not much to critique. You should model it out more and show us your progress ! :slight_smile:


I may still take your advice of breaking the middle section out into multiple pieces to have greater control. I’m still learning the software and the workflow (Max > Substance > Unreal, etc.), so I don’t know just how much of that original reference image needs to be done in what program, but I’m sure it’ll make more sense as I continue on. Here is an update of what it looks like now. I uploaded it to Sketchfab so that the wireframe and matcap options would be available, as well as a full 3D view.

Does anybody know how to get the sketchfab embed images to work? I tried using the unique ID (the 32 character code at the end of the URL) and CGForums didn’t like that.