Falls Resort


Situated on a formerly volcanic seashore, the Falls Resort offers a tropical retreat that offers “retro” diversions of days past. Enjoy powered and unpowered boating and flight as well as many sports and activities.

The entire resort is hand-built using local materials and ancient architectural techniques such as the yurt-style cable-tension building frame and actual silicon “glass” window systems.

Image created using Painter, Photoshop and a bit of Sketchup for layout.


I wanted to do something different and just put this entry up when I finished it. I’ve cut it a bit close, I’m sure, but looks like I made it.

 Here follows all my preliminary work and a series of in-progress images:

This is the first thing stuff that came off my pen when I started in my sketchbook:


Some architectural thoughts… I’ve always liked the “yurt” style of construction, with round buildings that are supported by vertical wallboards angled outward, with a tensioned cable around the top edge that takes the weight of both walls and roof. I decided to combine that construction with some woodworking elements of Craftsman-style houses, another of my favorite architectural styles.

Later in the process (actually, um, yesterday) I sketched some vehicles. I wound up not having the room for the sailboat. I think I’ll do a separate painting of it in the future…

I laid out a big area of the resort in Sketchup, setting up 4 or 5 buildings, the lagoon, the bluffs, and the courses of all the waterfalls that are the theme of the resort - they run through the entire place, and all the architecture is built around them. Several of the waterfalls actually run over the tops of buildings and even fall through one or two of themI ran the camera around for a few shots to see if I could get something that looked like my sketch up top. I liked this one…

So I took that one and used it as the basis for the base painting. I did bring in some photo reference to paint over for the cliff, waterfalls and clouds, then completely covered it.

From here on out I just painted my brains out and my right hand off. It took about 48 hours of work spread over 3 weeks to complete…

More follows…


At this point, I didn’t like the left side of the image. I realized that the pattern of the bridges and waterfalls was leading my eye completely out of the image to the left and not allowing the eye to come back in, so that needed to be fixed.

The next image worked a lot better, with the watercourses bringing the eye into the image where it belongs.

It was grueling, but fun. I’m glad I was able to join the competition.


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