Fallout Girls, Mikko Kautto (2D)


Title: Fallout Girls
Name: Mikko Kautto
Country: Finland
Software: Photoshop

Three cyborg girls in post nuclear war setting. Wanted this one be more colorful than most fallout pictures.


Fantastic coloring and lighting! I like your amount of detailed linework.


Nice painting! I really like the contrast between the detailed foreground and characters and the simple sky. Its nice to see bright colors in a post apocalyptic world! I like everything except the torso on the girl with the green eyes, some of the anatomy seems slightly off. Keep up the great work!


Great job on the color and lighting! The composition is nicely balanced between busy and breathing space too. To add to alexichabane’s comment, I almost did not notice the girl’s large robotic arm. Maybe a different color for the arm so that it will stand out from the wall?


alexichabane, I can’t see anything else than mistakes at anatomy… in all 3 girls :slight_smile:

JackRabbitSlim, I tried big robot hand with different colors, but it started to stand out too much… at least for my taste.


great wokr! I love the colors and the feel of the image!


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