Falloff bug?


Try this: Create a new scene, and put a plane and a sphere in it. Open up the material editor, choose to add a falloff shader to the diffuse slot. For this falloff shader, change the ‘falloff direction’ to ‘object.’ In the rollout beneath that one, set the ‘object’ to be the plane. Apply this shader to the sphere. Create another new material, and once again add a falloff shader to the diffuse slot, and change the ‘falloff direction’ to ‘object.’ This time, set the ‘object’ to be the sphere. Now try applying this shader to the plane.
“Cannot bind: would create dependency loop”
And yet, these two shaders are entirely separate of each other (each shader is just a falloff map using the object it isn’t applied to as the falloff direction - so these shaders should really have no influence over each other at all), but for some reason Max won’t let you do this. That’s as of Max7.
Does it do this in Max8 as well?


I could recreate this in R7, I have no idea how to solve it though.


Yes, this still happens on MAX8.


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