fallen love


so i got this idea from my ex gf’s fam they totaly missed things up for me and her and thought i was a monster and they’re daughter was some lil girl and she could never do anything wrong. anyways ill keep my love life out of the threads lol. ill post the sketch later. heres the monster so far.


some wires

i wont to finish this guy tonight and the girl tomorrow hoping to finsh the post by next week.


hey, great concept and the modelling is coming along nicely, it’s be nice to see the sketch you’re working from?


yah ill upload a sketch tomorrw as soon as i can


very interesting form you’ve got going there. i like the head a lot. and i hear ya about the ex gf’s family thing. my ex gf really f’d up bad and her stupid family was convinced i was a monster as well and their daughter could do nothing wrong either. sucks balls.

anyway, get that sketch up!


I like monsters i bet they smell bad. OH yeah, is guy RAWKS! keep up the super work. no crits. Don’t touch another vert, he’s done!


Really like the form of the muscles. :bounce:



the back is looking pretty cool, nice modeling. but i just don’t like the hand, i think the thumb looks really out of place and kinda weird. it looks so small, skinny and stumpy compared to the rest of the hand, just seems like it would be useless. maybe if it was a little fatter it may be ok being short because i can see that you’re obviously going for distorted proportions for the hand. this is my only crit but i feel something you should definitely try and work on.


i agree actually and have fixed that problem. im not on my comp but im trying to find a way for me to get some new stuff up soon.
thanx for the feed back.


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