Fallen Ikarus, Arden_rey (2D)


Title: Fallen Ikarus
Name: Arden_rey
Country: Ukraine
Software: Photoshop

This is my non-winning Machineflesh entry.
I repainted it a little.
And now I would like to hear some critics
from you.


Wow I really like it. I love as much the concept and the technic… really great piece of artwork…


I like it

Did he it a plane?:slight_smile:

as it was for machine flesh, my perception of the character is that he have his wings fixed over his human body, not growing with him or part of him, as it was the case with the other submissions I saw… The angle is suggesting that as well.

I think the mood is good, I wonder about the meaning of the golden feather though…what is your idea for it?


Hey this is some wicked art, I really like the emotion you communicate to the viewer. As a composition nice work, but my eye either gets trapt inside the wing span or gets blocked out into the background (i think it might jest be me). I hope to see more of your work


I think the mood is good, I wonder about the meaning of the golden feather though…what is your idea for it?[/QUOTE]

Here the main idea:
Humanity was inspired by the technical progress and thought, they
reached divine heights. They didn’t understand, how it led to their destruction of the bases of existence. They fell down. The feather of an angel, Ikarus is looking at shows another way to the heavens, much easier and supreme.


I really like the dramatic lighting focusing on Icarus. Very nice color work.
An excellent work. You had to be on the frontpage.


Klasnay rabotka. i prijatno uvidet pod tvoim nickom slovo UKRAINE. :slight_smile: privet so Lvova!


Top stuff I really like the metal texture of the wings and just the over all mood. How did you do all the cool metal for the wings?


Spasibo! Privet iz Kieva! :smiley:


jeebus that’s fine, I really like the exagerated depth



love the style.

ReSpEcT !!!


This one got my vote in the machineflesh contest. I love it!


having never seen this before, here’s my take:
at first I thought he was scaling a wall (and those were arms not wings), then I looked again and it looked like he was sleeping, then I looked again and was wondering if he was dieing… still not entirely sure what’s going on.
I know what sorta look you were going for perspective wise, it’s just off a little. The wing on the left side becomes the focal point (which is not the strength of the piece) and does not necessary make you look at him. I think bringing one of the wings even closer and a little off the page, with some added DOF would do it more justice.
the golden feather kinda seems like an after thought too. It doesn’t really ‘pop’ all the much either.

That would be my take atleast. I’m not saying it’s bad, just that you wanted critique and there it is.


very fine work


very nice :slight_smile: grat u for the frontpage plug.
i remember i download your progress files in cg networks, but before i lost my every single CG stuff :frowning:

good luck bro


Are the soft edges on the feathers and flaps intentional? They tend to mellow down the intensity.

I could not interpret the essence of the glowing feather.
Overall nice peice of work mate.


Great! I like the idea and the darkness of the pic. I appreciate the work on the background, too.


I love the lighting and the concept dude! should have got an honorable mention at least…

I had trouble deciding wether this was a 3D or 2D at first.



wow!i like it,great job


WHAT!!! it’s 2D, indeed… great job!!! desktop stuff