Fallen Forest, Michal Matczak (2D)


Title: Fallen Forest
Name: Michal Matczak
Country: Poland
Software: Painter, Photoshop

This work was done for CG Talk Spectacular Challenge, it’s entitled “The Fallen Forest”. Tis was my best idea of a scene, that takes a breath away, tries to depict danger, but beaty as well. I’ve also tried to capture the sense of depth and danger of this “forest”. Done with Photoshop and Painter. Comments and crits are welcome.


a beautiful scene,got all the colors and the mood spotted right on,love the movement of the fishes too,u mentioned spectacular challenge but i couldnt seem to recall if i have seen this in the entry.anyway,its a good job done:thumbsup:


That’s nice and rich sea blue…the lighting for it is swell.

I wish the size of it would be bigger though… :frowning:

However…it ironically fits that title, because of the wide-screen effect. Makes me feel both looking at one of the National Geographic scenes or peeking into a sea world.


i love underwater scenes so much :slight_smile:
you have captured a wonderful mood! :thumbsup:


Perfect work:thumbsup: I am very like this painting!


I loved the motion of the fish

the angel it self is perfect… lovely


Sorry, I was really busy lately and couldn’t take a look into this thread and my subscribe tool didn’t work…

s_sbaa, lingxiang1982, - thanks a lot :slight_smile:

dunkelgold - thanks, I tried hard and it wasn’t quick to get the feeling it has. I learned a lot with this painting. :):arteest:

Loulu79 - it’s still the largest painting I’ve done till then, but yeah - it could be larger. Great that you find the title fitting into the painting. :slight_smile:

sh@ke - yup, it was done for “Spectacular Challenge”, some other people did GREAT underwater scenes, mine could get lost among others, though. Nevertheless I’ve had a great time painting it. :arteest:


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