Fallen Beauty, David Edwards (2D)


Title: Fallen Beauty
Name: David Edwards
Country: United Kingdom
Software: Photoshop

Back in May a few fellow painters took part in a small contest, I been the only one who couldn’t enter :slight_smile: decided to have a go all the same. I worked on it for a week or so then lost the original file, restarted and picked it up again over the weekend. To be honest losing the original file was a blessing in disguise, redoing the whole thing probably resulted in a more pleasing result. Always see the good in bad i guess :slight_smile:


Incredible image.
The wide-scope lens effect you could achieve is breathtaking :open_mouth:
This beautiful ruin reminds me of the time I lived in Antwerp.
I’m inspired now to try and work more on views and sceneries.
thank you :slight_smile:
(5 stars)


OMG OMG OMG :eek::eek: perfect


Beatful work. I’d like to visit there, and explore. :slight_smile:


WOW WOW WOW :eek:!!!so much details:bounce:…so much great work:thumbsup: 5*


nice,i like it


Absolutely fabulous. Incredible details, great ilumination… Concept is also great, and as said before the point of view is fantastic. Congrats David, great work.


One word - the atmosphere. I can feel it coming out of the image. Beautiful :applause:


Great atmosphere and mood! Grats!


Really nice, David! Best for all the other contestants that you weren’t involved I bet! :wink:

Looking at this fine work makes me wonder what this grand structure might have looked like in it’s day…

Again - fine work, well done!



very cool again, everlite:D 5 stars for free:thumbsup:


Is this a Matte or hand painted? do you have any of the original reference photos used? Looks really nice :slight_smile:


wow, gorgeous and very evocative! I’d love to visit!


Wow… this is so great. I love it!


David, amazing work! Congratulations. I would like to see a higher resolution image. Five stars.


beautiful sense of atmosphere and depth.


Amazing matte david! Very well done! congrats and keep them coming!

PS- we need another challenge!


hi David
good job! it’s so beautiful.



That’s awesome ; 5 stars from me


great work mate, congrats!