Fallen AT-AT Walker, Saby (Szabolcs) Menyhei (3D)


Title: Fallen AT-AT Walker

Name: Saby (Szabolcs) Menyhei

Country: United Kingdom

Software: Maya MARI Photoshop

Submitted: 9th September 2015

Fallen AT-AT walker

Hi res image:



WOW! Great render and cool scenic shot composition!


Thank you :slight_smile:


Great sense of scale as well with the person in the front, really provides a solid reference points.

Is the landscape 3D as well or a photo-comp?

Cobra 6



Thank you very much!

Just posted a wireframe screengrab and a layout render as well.

The landscape is a matte painting. I had a rough 3d model (see wireframe) that I rendered for reference and painted it up using photo refs and hand painted elements too.

I hope that explains it :slight_smile:



(PS Some people thought the walker is too big - I included scale references in my screengrab too. I made the guy in the foreground slightly shorter for dramatic effect.)


Great mood for an essentially monochrome scene.

Love it!


Thanks for including the wire en explanation :slight_smile:

Cobra 6