Fairytale Village, Madrid 82 (3D)


Title: Fairytale Village

Name: Madrid 82

Country: Spain

Software: Blender

Submitted: 5th October 2015

Blender 2.75 Cycles render, 5200 samples 120% resolution.


Fantastic! Plugged!


Very beautiful style! I like colors and shaders!


Thank you very much Yuriki!


Thanks Artbot! I am glad you like it, thanks!


Love, love, love it.



Thank you very much friend! I am glas you like it.


i love the art style. the design of the buildings and all the elements really makes it feel like a fairytale village.


I celebrate you like my artwork, thank you very much by your words friend.


Amazing! Love the lighting, composition and texturing!


Thank you very much for your encouraging comment friend!


Fantastic work!


Thank you very much Dylan!


This is really good! Nice job! :keenly:
It does look like a fairy tale village. The colors is really nice, and the shadows and lights is really good.


Thank you very much friend!


Very Nice…I like it…


Thank you very much, I am glad you like it. :slight_smile:


I love how bright, airy and whimsical this image is. If this was a still
from a movie you would know that it was going to be light hearted
and whimsical.

Good job!


Thank you very much friend! I am happy for your comment.
Best regards.