Fairy Queen 'the Blue Hour', Stahlberg (2D)


Another Photoshop painting, been working on this off and on for over a week now. Comments welcome as usual.


beautiful!! The red adds so much…I love the sky too…New desktop!!

Very nice


right-click save as …

I really have no critique for this one. Just beautiful in every aspect. I like your 2D stuff more than your 3D (not that your 3D isn’t great). The last few posts you made here have so much more warmth and life to them than your 3D works.

Superb stuff, I hope you continue your trend of posting fabulous 2D work. :thumbsup:


:bounce: WOW


Nice lighting effect in your pict ! :stuck_out_tongue:
More high res for my desktop !


what brought on this painting spurt?


it’s so perfect~!


only one thing. i do feels that it could be better if the dash of cloud above her head could move a little more at the top left corner. feels a little disturbing.

anyway, 5 stars~!!


Dear Mr. Stahlberg

You will instantly have to stop painting insanly cool pics…
At some point it will drive the public mad with envy… with bodily harm and property damage to follow…

Therefore we urge you to stop producing your works…

Or we will have to press charges…


ok ok … rock on dude… :drool: :cool:


Stahlberg, I will never stop being amazed at your incredible talent.

Although I find myself giggling when I think of what she’d look like if she fell off!:smiley:


:eek: more awesome work, are you going for a new section in the CG Gallery of Fame “Stahlberg section”…



man I know we said do less 3D more 2D but this is rediculous. Everytime I see a work of yours 2D or 3D I just wana give up and cdy, simply amazing, definite style to all your 3d works, similar colourschemes with intesne vibrant lighting and contrast using the reds and blues.

Higher res for a desktop would be nice


is that made from scratch - completely in photoshop?


:eek: …perfect!


:bounce: What can i say…i feel so…so …so small !!!:drool:

Superb!!!. I am in love with the lady on your drawing !!!:love:


That’s amazing :eek: , can we have a highres version (1600x1200)?


Hey I was just wondering,when you say you worked on it for a week, how many hours a day is that?
Anyways nice pic…like the dress:)


Brilliant. Unbelievable. You are a true artist.


[edit] I don’t think I’m alone in requesting a high-res version for wallpaper. 1280x1024 would be awesome.


Very nice!

If you bring this sort of expression and life into your 3d, you will go from being a very talented 3d artist to being the master;)


the only thing I noticed was that I think the hair looks a bit like smoke at the end…
other then that… its amazing job! :eek: :eek:

cheers mate
Joe :airguitar


visual orgasm

the way the color’s flow is … exceptional

the hair and the pose

great piece