Fairy Girl, Martina Johansson (3D)


Omg nerf Martina!


great job wrealy great


Haiwaaa…what an live picture,only thing i found was,why you do each hair strand,not using the hair solutions:beer:.(also in my personal opinion,this fair girl is more likable in fairy boy…):hmm:.very nice picture…


Hi all!
Thank you so much for your comments!

-musashidan - Thank you for you kind reply and your feedback! :slight_smile: I could agree with you in some point about the wings, but I didn´t want to put a lot of details on them to steal the focus from the girl. But it would maybe be cool if they were a little more insects like, a bit more details and more transparent.
-neroart, Predatron, zokana, inwheel, MrCraft, makaka, yuriki, Rytis-
Thank you! I am really happy that you liked her! :slight_smile:
-raoof - thanks! I decided to model the hair since I wanted this special haircut, and I wanted much control over the shape and shading of the hair strands.
-chokata -thank you! I modeled and rendered the girl in Modo!
-Mellbrix- Omg yourself you crazy gamernerd! :smiley:
-Radek-J - sexy…well, I am glad that I know that you are only kidding, you creep! :smiley:
-Tollman -thanks dude! Yes the next project is going to be very interesting! :smiley:

I put up some zbrushrenders
Thanks again!



Superb :bounce:
l like it


Very touchingly and lovely


beautiful image… but soft lights may would have helped the image even better… Its just me. :thumbsup:


no comment just amazing textures

keep on & good luck

5 ***** for you


awesome… she’s full of life :love:

but couldn’t you have waited for me before you decided to make a child on your own? who’s the father…?!?

toprow stuff :thumbsup:


Översnygg!! Love the pose.

Glöm inte bandyn…


Lovely and Sweety,front page!! =)


mr-max, terra3ds, Ministry, simypetar, Arkaiko -
Thank you very much for your kind replies! :slight_smile:

fellah- thank you!! the father…? ooops…I really don´t know! But I thought you wanted a child with wings.
mjSoft- Thanks dude! fan va grymma vi va på bandyn igår! :smiley:

Here is another render of the Fairy!



:scream: NEEEERF!!!


Uh … really, no one else thinks this is a little creepy?


l like her.:drool:
5 ***** for you.


Super cute !!

However my comment is about the Skin… it needed a bit of work…however overall great image…:thumbsup:


wonderfull picture. the character looks fantastic! love the hair.


Very best job, positive. Like the color images. :applause:


Wow. Nicely done. I just stumbled on this through the Luxology site.The other pieces in your portfolio are quite good, but you definitely took it up a notch with this one.

On a somewhat related side note, it seems you use modo quite a bit? I have recently starting using and working with it, and it seems like a really great tool to know and use. I guess I’m curious on your thoughts and experiencse with modo?

Thanks, and congrats on taking your game to the next level :slight_smile:


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