Fairy Berry


if you like candies, fairies running naked in the forest and magic wands you will enjoy Fairy Berry!

and our short movie has finally its website :)
if you haven't seen it yet you can watch it at [http://flbl.net/akajou/index.php?movies](http://flbl.net/akajou/index.php?movies)

it is our graduating movie of our last year at the EESA (eesa.fr)
we made it in 8 months, from the 1st sketch to the last compilation with ffmpeg

have a look at the gallery, there are plenty of making of screeshot and all ^^


Congratulations! nice short. Love the style! the cartoon painted textures works very well.




Awesome! I love the cartoon-hand-painted style… that´s really 3d? hehe 5 stars!


I wonder why so little people comment on this? I think you did a great job, especially on the visuals. The story reminded me of the scene in Sleeping Beauty where the three aunties fight over the color of Aurora’s dress. The animation could have been a bit better, but all in all I like it.

Could you please explain a little on the procedure you used for the shading of the characters?


5 Stars, thats is a very good Short, the story is excelent, the use of collor is rare and uniek.

Man Congrets on this Short, it’s very good.


woaw that’s fantastic…!!! even if i don’t understand what they say… :smiley:


Beatiful and lovely piece! I checked the gallery in web site, I like the controls selection window, so cute. Animators must very enjoy the time spending in animation. I can’t wait to watch it again in Annecy.


yes really good job, tres beau rendu cartoon


That was amazing! Could you comment on the process you used to shade the main characters please?



Great Job! Love the style and colors, so refreshing!
The animation is awesome as well.



Outstanding! The look is so different from most, the animation is very cartoony and the story is simple and to the point. 5 stars for sure!!

Why is this not on the front page???


ahh simply great, now that’s a tv show I’d watch :wink: hint hint.


Very inspiring! I love the look of it so much.


Very nice characters. I like the painterly style.:arteest: How did you get this look? Is it just by texturing or did you have some other rendering tricks? The background looks more like a painting, is this also 3d or a 2d composite?


Great work. It is always great to see 3d being used in a differents syle. My fav. is when someone watches it and then think - What medium was that? Nice animation, story and style.


Owesome… love the style



WOW, absolutely fantastic! Great style, design and animation, one of the most enjoyable things I’ve watched on CG Talk. I’m sure you guys will be working on some fantastic projects in the future-5 stars.


pretty cool and really fun …:thumbsup:

Great work…

Je le trouve super beau et bien anime…

Et bonne chance pour l avenir , mais avec un film de fin d etude comme celui ci , ca devrait aller…:buttrock:



The 3d-2d combo is pretty sweet. Cool concept… cool style…Definitely one of the better complete pieces I’ve seen in this forum…The renders are wicked…Awesome work


Modeling/Texturing Reel


luvvvv itttt!!!.. awesomeeeee… :cool: :buttrock: :applause: :deal: