Fairy And Snake, Stahlberg (3D), (3D)


link broken…

:hmm: :hmm: :hmm:


What the hell!!!
I cant beleive with these??!!!
This is the greatest image Ive ever seen here

I really speechless…
I really admire you’re work …


  • sigh * looking at some of these exquisite renderings makes me feel,…insignificant. …just kidding! nice job! :applause:


i have been following your wip.
today…i found your final image here.
i’m just sooooooooooooooo amazed by that.
good job on the contrast btween snake and the little cute girl.



this is a freudian’s dream


for some reason im reminded of my childhood


now there’s a scary thought!

we need a psycho-analyst moderator on this forum


awesome awesome work dude, i would love to be able to get this up on my wall, any chance your gonna make it a poster?


You can get a poster this way: on my sites link page (here)
at the top, follow the link to Zazzle.

Now please be aware that when you make your account you have to make it PG or higher or Zazzle will NOT ALLOW YOU TO VIEW ALL MY POSTERS. Annoys the hell out of me cause people keep coming back to me saying they can’t find the one they’re looking for. Wonder how much business this is costing them. Anyway. :slight_smile:


Cool ordered me a poster :thumbsup: , thanks dude keep up the good work. I went to zazzle awhile back but didnt see it, didnt know about the PG thing:hmm:


very good work every thing just great
ur work amazing:thumbsup:


I simply love the expression she has on her face, which is very important… she looks like shes trying to calm the snake or telling it something… thats just my opinion… :slight_smile: anyway its my wallpaper now… simply WONDERFUL… :thumbsup:


Ho my god…it is fantastic…


It’s the most amazing realisation I ever saw. I knowed you for your skills with digital women but here it’s perfection (I buy expose in the beginning for the cover).:eek:
I take yours site in my favoris and look forward for your work to come.
By the way thanks you for your tutorials.:bowdown:

(sorry for the english):cry:


Impresive stuff but why go 3D when the 2D was top notch? Unless we are to be treated to alternative views?:applause:


Amazing amazing amazing
Great great great


big waow for that one:)



really awesome man…saw it thousand times but still lovin it


Great work! I hope you’ll continue making crazy models like that… btw I’m in love with the fairy and I was wondering if you could send me some front view pics pls :smiley: Congrats again on the job well done.


This image is fantastic. The lighting is what really does it for this piece. Superb work. As well as the texture work.

The only thing I would say, I agree on the hair issue that I have seen another say. And the drool line from the snake’s mouth. It doesn’t look like it spills off her leg. It looks like it kind of goes through it.

Other than that. Awesome.