Fairy And Snake, Stahlberg (3D), (3D)


Gandan. A lot of Simon Bisleys recent stuff (not the FAKK2 stuff) is in the style of Frezetta, you might want to check that out. He adds alot more detail/texture to the style too.

Although I’m more of the opinion the Frazetta should be left to Frazetta and everyone else should keep pushing on…



just… incredible. Especially the look of the fairy.

I have no words for this one.


nope chippy, i think bisley is bisley and Frank Frazetta is Frank Frazetta. i cannot for one see the similarity between the two style. One is erotic and the other is steroid induced. Totally different in style.:wink:

I am yet to see frazetta chic looking like the hulk with vains popping.


nice work. looks really great.:thumbsup:


Beautiful.So very atmospheric.:beer:


Hmmm I don’t know Derelict, some of the sort of Jungle scenes Bisley painted were very much in the Frazetta tradition…maybe I’m thinking there are a bunch of them when there’s only one or two (I concede they are more Bisley does Frazzeta )

i’ll stop hi-jacking the thread


this would make a great poster! or desktop wallpaper


Great still…inspirational…but I can’t get over that clump of hair running down her right arm…it looks so plastic…that clump doesn’t follow the rest of the naturality and flow of her hair…if it did, hair doesn’t move in clump like that…unless you don’t wash in a year and a half…well…those are my eye talking…but overall beautiful…:thumbsup:


Originally posted by Leonard
[B]3D Art (Still)
The award for Best 3D Art (Still) is for an image of outstanding artistic nature using a 3D application. Entries were judged based on the criteria of Originality & Creativity, Design & Aesthetics and Technical Excellence.


  • One Last Time, Steven Stahlberg, Malaysia
  • Leaving the Fifties, Stephane Belin, France
  • Trust, Dany Lyon, Switzerland
  • Savage Warrior, Juan Jose Palomo, Spain

One Last Time, Steven Stahlberg, Malaysia

Woohoo!! Congrats Steven!! :applause: :applause:




thaz jus beautiful.

honestly. i’ve like… come back to this pic like 5 times n’ thought it was a paintin every time n’ stuff.

but is 3d?$# thaz so awesom.

shakes yo hand


Absolutely fantastic, only thing that could be a little better is the hair on the sholder. But Great job… I mean GREAT.


Fantastic mood with the lighting!


Fantastic!!! Wonderful!!! it is a work it excels of the graphic computation 3d.
Better, impossible. I have in you a reference for my works.
you are the BEST!:applause:


i dont know what one i like more your painting oryour 3d image. your 3d image looksl ike a painting man…


i would just like to say that im a big fan of your work and this is why :wink:


Can u render some bigger version (1280x1024 - somehow to fit with bigger width) ?.. i want that one on my wallpaper… U RULEZ man… just unbelievable good … the contrast and the passion are incredible!!! AMAZING ! no words…


Still a very Excellent pic I still love this pic
bigger render would be great :beer:


Really great! Congratulations:thumbsup: It’s similar to Boris Vallejo style, and I like his style very much, and I like this too:)

Congrat again:):thumbsup:


I think the hair on the shoulder looks great. Kind of wet, maybe slime from the serpent or something. This piece has a real air of eroticism which gives it an incredible depth. Such carnality crossed with innocence.