Fairy And Snake, Stahlberg (3D), (3D)


Very nice. Very very nice. Reminds me allot of the work of Boris Vallejo.:thumbsup: :thumbsup:


Excellent Job !! I really like the womens face and expression.

I agree with the comments about the back head fur and the drool but those are very minor things indeed.

Very nice transition from 2d to 3d! :thumbsup:



her face is just great!
but i do like the 2d version a little bit more
but nevermind
the picture is just beautiful



the drool is really bugging me. Not because it shouldn’t be there or that it takes away from the image. It looks to me like it isn’t sitting right.

The monsters head is obviously centred with hers, and her head is centered over her body. The drool looks to be coming from the center of the monsters lower jaw, yet it is hitting the outside of her right knee. maybe it drooled there before it turned its attention full on but, I think you should change it.

Also her hair on her right arm looks more like playdoh then hair. Needs maybe higher contrasts?

edit: whoops, AMAZING!!!


Amazing, it really a good job wherether 3D and 2D, both are great…but i prefer the 2D work more, its bringing more feel on it, haha…

:applause: :thumbsup:


hmm good picture but not as good as the painting …

I dont like the hair at all, it looks simply too modeled, and I never really liked “modeled” hair.


improved alot from the wip work lastime! I love this image! cool and wiCKED!!:buttrock: BuT i sEE a LiL 3D like objects there which one is 3d?


holy jumping jeezus, i had no idea this was 3d untill i checked the WIP thread. in fact i was about to correct somebody for saying it was their fav 3d image. this is prolly the most painting-like 3d image ive ever seen.


Amazing man!! you did it yet again… you are for sure one of my idles :slight_smile: … The whole concept of this piece is awesome!! the colors go together perfect and … WoW man… keep them coming, we all love them :smiley:


Yo, I have three main crits:

  • the hair looks weird but it’s a fairy so… but the back of it looks a bit overly bluured.

  • the fold of flesh on the stomach looks too shard, try getting it closer to the 2D work as that aspect of it was perfect.

  • the snake itself, at the end of the neck near the upper right corner, is cut of jaggedly. need to extend it just a little since you’re only modeling what fits in the scene.

Now that that’s over… Great work man! Watched this from concept sketch to where it is now and well… brilliant. Loved the lighting and athmosphere of the 2D work. That you were able to approximate it in 3D is breathtaking.


I don’t like the monsters neck just disappearing in the top right.

Was it like that in the painting aswell?

Anyway it’s an awesome transition from 2d to 3d


i think the fairy’s head is a bit too small compared to her body.
Her face looks like a little girl but the body is that of a woman.

But besides that i like it a lot!

except that lump of hair on her hand other people have pointed out.

Cool stuff!



I it alot. I just checked out the other thread, and I liked that firts, 2d image alot too. Great job! This has insperd me to go model : P
:thumbsup: :thumbsup: :applause: :applause: :eek: :eek:


Great transition from 2D painting to 3D model !


As others have mentioned the drool needs some work. Make it more transparent with a higher specularity. Right now it resembles a sort of an off-white spike coming out of the bottom of the snake/dragons chin.

I think the snake/dragons skin could have more of a dusty matte reflectance look to it and a little less phong shine.

Another thing I noticed was that in the 2D the girls expression reminded me more of “wonder and awe”. In the 3D version it translates more into “fright”. I’m not sure why, or what emotion you were going for originally. Maybe it is just do to the 2D being more softfocused on the face than the 3D is.


I was a huge fan of the WIP, i’m an even bigger fan of the final product!

Good Stuff.


Wow… amazing… i loved the painting and i really love this… great work!!! :thumbsup:


Top of the monsters neck there seems to be a hole in him and you see the backround.


great! :thumbsup:


I agree with Bipmap, the one thing that seemed a little weird to me.

Maybe it’s just the beautiful angel or the whole feel of that scene but it looks absolutely stunning! :thumbsup:


GOOD GOD!!! i just spent about 5 minutes trying to figure out why your painting was on the front page again…
:love: :love: :love: :love: :love: