Fairy And Snake, Stahlberg (3D), (3D)


Sorry but THIS IS OUT OF THIS WORLD!!! YOU´RE THE MAN. Will you be at the Animago award in germany?


great work stahlberg, as always.

i like the limited pallette u used.

as a 3d image i’d say the hair thats going over her right arm doesn’t look like hair, and doesn’t seem to match up with the texture of the hair at the top of her head.

other than that great.


That’s fantastic!:eek: I watched your progress my eyes open wide, and result is really fantastic.

Maybe one thing:p Hair still looks a little -err- plactic, and fine hairs doesn’t match, imho. But still it’s fantastic (Did I said fantastic before? :slight_smile: )


Edit: Err, one more: Area front the girl looks like cleaned. Maybe you can put some small rocks there. :shrug:


in bavaria we would say!!

oida des is andersda krass!!!

its awesome, excellent!!!



:applause: I think that is the most inspiring thing I have ever seen. I’ve seen the 2d work and I must say that you have really pushed the envolope here. Excellent work!! :airguitar


However you call it, still, character, even vehicle it’s incredible!! :surprised



huh (can’t say with words…)


sigh , why are so many people so much better than me…

Call it what ever you like, you can’t deny you’re one talented person…


Simply beautiful!! :thumbsup:

two humble pieces of comment;
I agree with Martin NH -> “… I think the drool comming from the dragons mouth kinda disturbs the flow of the composition …”

And there’s something about the girls’ belly, I think the ‘folding’ (not sure if this is the right english word for it) is a bit too sharp.



I hope that it’s ok to critique someone that everybody else is praising…

  1. the hair on that falls on her arm. To high contrast or something, looks like something else then hair.
  2. the fur/hair/thing on her backhead.
  3. the drool. to thick and not shiny enough.

not that I could do anything like this…


:applause: I saw the pictore on the swedish forum (www.Grafisktforum.org) and i like it like hell…


wow, when I saw it on the plugs on the front page, I thought “didn’t I see that one before” and then I clicked, and it was that great 2D transformed into 3D. Excellent job!!

I agree that the snake could use just a touch of work to make it more interesting, but it is essentially perfect as is!


I’m amazed by this 3d transition. I wasn’t sure whether you posted the painting again! The face is excellent! I agree with magicm about that fold. It does look kinda peculiar.


wow i loved the 2d and the 3d is just as cool !.. keep up the good work its peices like this that make me close everything and start up maya and keep going with what ever im working on :applause:


:drool: ooooo myyyy gosh it :buttrock: rockzz like crazzzzzzy


Wonderful work! At first glance I thought it was another rev of the 2D image. :thumbsup:

There is one item that looks odd/distracting to me and that’s the hair that touches the right upper arm. It looks a bit like an oil slick or something other than hair.:shrug:


amazing work… :buttrock:


That is absolutely brilliant.


hi steven,
absolutely awesome…I also love the 2d version,

I think you should maybe try and feather the edges around the charactes a litttle bit. To get the light wrapping around the characters.

everything else great mr stahlberg…



looks sweet!

but I like the 2D version better… :buttrock: