Fairy And Snake, Stahlberg (3D), (3D)


Title: Fairy And Snake, Stahlberg (3D)
Software: Maya

Anyway this is my entry to Animago 2003 ‘Still’ category, and also I think to this years 3d Festival event, sorry to shove it in your faces again (it started with my 2d version, and then the WIP that’s lasted quite a while…) lord knows I’m getting tired of it myself… but it’s finally done, and before I submit it I’d just like to have some last feedback - thanks. :slight_smile:
(edit: here’s a link to the WIP thread if you’re interested)


One word: Amazing. Everything about the still is utterly amazing.

I wouldn’t mind having this up on my wall as a poster :slight_smile:


Wow Steven the cleanup is a beaut! I’ll update the gallery entry for you. I really like what you did with the contrast, very strong very in your face. I also love the soft skin of the fairy, very well done there Mr. Stahlberg :thumbsup:



looks wicked, I think that the ground could use a bit more texture work to it…




wow. :surprised

I loved the 2d sketch of this scene, it was one of my favorite CG art pieces. And now it’s in 3d! You sir, are my hero.

I think a small animation is in order… :drool:


Wowwe! I’ve been watching the WIP, and it’s great to see it finished! ahh I’m still awestruck :wink: :bounce: :bounce:


Duffman said exactly what I was going to say…

I never thought you would have matched the original painting but how wrong could someone be ???

Now I have the dilemma of replacing my fave 2d piece, with the 3d version on my desktop ARGHHH !!!

:applause: :applause: :applause:


Great work Steven! It’s very true to the original. You did a very good job on the dragon, I think it looks more convincing here than on your painting. I liked the faery better in the painting, but she’s still vere beautifull here.

I’m not to fond of the smudging on the hair on the back of her head, and I think the drool comming from the dragons mouth kinda disturbs the flow of the composition.

Good luck with Animago, I’m sure your chances will be very good :slight_smile:


OMFG. absolutley amazing. i saw the WIP and it has come a long way and i thought it was damn good when u posted the first sketch. u are very talented guy. i wish i had the time and patience you have for something that great.

will you get paid for this piece or is it personally work?


Simply amazing. The thing that gets me the most is the fact that you had already made it perfectly sweet in 2D prior to this… You spend quite a lot of money on coffee each week, don’t you?

That face is possibly the most beautiful thing I’ve seen in 3D so far… And I’m talking about the girl now :smiley:

The only thing that seems a bit off is her hair. The part of it on her shoulder looks, I dunno, somewhat strange… But still, the overall image is several magnitudes greater than most could ever make!


This is very very cool

it’s very loyal to the original painting, and it actualy does resamble to a painting.

I just love tge girls face.
just the snake doesn’t seem to have expression, but thats ok for me!

plus, I think that if you could add a shine or a light spot to the snake’s drool, it would help it out. ou make it thiker and have refraction to it…I don’t know…

well, great work again, and… well, keep them comming!



My favorite 3D image ever. :love:


Wonderful…just wonderful!


Really great work! :thumbsup:

One thing that looks a bit odd, you have this drool but there is very little to suggest moisture in the mouth or on the tongue, maybe some more shorter strands of drool or something.

Anyway still looks great, very true to your 2D.


great, really great! :thumbsup:

So close to the reference image, it scary!:eek:


I could hardly believe my eyes :eek: .
It’s awesome :thumbsup: .


I loved the 2d version and i even love the 3d version more
DAMN URE A **** GENIUS:thumbsup:


i’ve not been replying to your WIP thread, but i’ve been checking it out daily… and Your work is very impressive… Your work is both inspirational and motivating.


I think as far as 3d conversions go this is stunningly accurate.

…but I like the painting more!

The lighting in the painting has a bit more atmosphere, it’s a little softer, has just a bit more ambience. The render is a little too clean by comparsion, maybe the black levels are too harsh, don’t know.

I also prefer the texture of the dragon in the painting, he almost seems to have fine fur, which has more of a ‘luck dragon’ from the Never Ending Story feel. Likewise the girl’s hair is finer in the painting, but having said that, the girl’s face looks much better in the render.

Yeah, so all up, stunning, but not sure which is better, if you could combine elements from both i’d be perfect!:slight_smile:



10 stars!!!

I am glad that I am not running for the still category… I guess they alread have a winner:thumbsup:

Congratulations for the beatyfull work, both 2d and 3d!!!