Failure by Design


I have just started a podcast called*Failure By Design. It basically interviews ‘creative’ people, who aren’t afraid to share their failure*
stories, what they learnt from them and how they overcame them. In my opinion people try and gloss over failures too much. Where as I feel they are an important learning tool to help people know that failures are part of life.
Take a listen if it something that could interest you.
Found on all the normal places; Itunes, Stitcher and TuneIn.

I am always after people to interview so if any one of you feel it’s something you want to be involved in, just drop me a pm because I would enjoy having you on. Doesn’t matter if your a student or a 20 year vet.
Host link:*
Itunes link:*

Thanks a lot


Episode three is up Featuring Mr Logo Geek Ian Paget so please check it out :

I also have a text interview with Romuald Chaigneau just trying to decide how I should post it. Maybe a series of Instagram images or maybe I do a mini podcast and read out his answer. Let me know what you think and if you want to be involved. Everyone is welcome.

Thank you