Factory Interior, harlyo (3d)


Title: Factory Interior

Name: harlyo

Hi everyone , This is my first project in Unreal Engine , i made this project mainly for the purpose of practice game making and improve myself , please feel free to leave your feedback at this stage it will be very helpful for me , Enjoy :slight_smile:



Nicely done…

My only critic would be that at a glance, it looks like a scifi corridor and not a factory interior.

I would add more crates (or whatnot) in the corridors to make it more factory like… I say this because my first initial though was ( before actually reading the title of the thread) that this was a scifi corridor where one would walk through. And I have a feeling a lot of people are gonna think that as well… Well, whats wrong with that, you ask :)? Well… If this was a normal corridor where one would had to walk through, you would trip all over yourself because of the gaps in the floor. So that wouldn’t be a good design :). You do have the roller things on the ground which you often see in a factory or airplane bagage storage, so it’s a factory, but at a glance the image looks like a scifi corridor… You also have the crates parked on the side instead of in the middle.