Facial Rigging Controllers


facial rig controller

I’m using Max, and this is the first time I’ve used rigging for facial animation; previously I just used morphs. So, I’ve skinned the face with point helpers to rig all the facial movement. But now, I’m confused of how I should setup the controllers.

I want the cheek muscles to move when the lips move during smiling or frowning. I want to be able to move the lips only but the muscles of the cheek will move as well.

Can anyone tell me how to do this?



Constrain the controllers of the lips to move under the cheek. If the the lips are under the cheeks in the heirarchy, then they will only move when they move.


How have you laid out your system?, if its heirachly based, i.e layerd you can have different tiers. This is what i have and funnily what im doing right now. If your rig is just the face connected to a series of points your gunna have trouble keeping volume and controlling each point.

How do you want to drive the face?, if you want as you say drive the cheeks with the corner of the mouth then your’ll need to add expressions, and constraints. Also yourll need to add float_lists to the points so they can be driven by different values.

Once i finish off my gui for my rig, ill post it hopefully in about 3 hours…



I really appreciate your replies guys it was helpful… I think now I’ll just make use the combination between morphs and bones… Thanks again…


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