Facial Rig Critque?


Getting pretty close to wrap up this rig.

Rig consits of paths constrained to each other and a box object (my Bone) path contrained.

paths follow the contour of the face

Input would be awseome



what’s the codec? I cant play it


Indeo video 5

I will post 2morrow with a XVID codec

and a 3/4 view render.



Neither can I :cry:


Hi, I’ll start off by saying, it’s a bit difficult to critique a rig based on a 2 second video, so you may want to take this with a grain of salt…

  1. There’s no creasing at all as far as I can see, normally you’d want the skin to fold along the nasal labial furrow and the brows to crease when they squeeze together etc. Right now there is none of that

  2. the nose looks very rigid

  3. it would be more helpful if you showed a few good poses rather than moving all of the controls around randomly, show me a good Ooo shape, or a a nice smile with some crowsfeet for the eyes etc

hope that helps


Good point
Iam limited to only 28 bones and I currently have 25
also the geometry is limited to under 2000 polys
Engine doesnt support normal mapping.
The weighting is kinda of dirty right now.

here is a new Xvid render


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