facial rig, blendshapes?


Hi, I would like to know what is best for me beginner maya dude. I’m modeling a human head only. Here is the thing, is it best for me to make the blendshapes first and then rig the head with IK. I’m also adding eyes and teeth, nothing to special just need put it in there. thanks if you know what is the best procedure for me. If you guys want to throw any video tutorials links that would be nice helping hand.


It really depends on your workflow. Some people like to build the rig (bones and Ik setups and connections) and then model out blendshapes first before binding the main mesh to the bones.

Another method is to bind the head and build a bone based rig to get the basic shapes for your sculpts then duplicate the head for each new shape. This can speed up workflow, but if you’re keeping ti simple you won’t be adding in a bone based control layer so the first method might work for you.

The only thing you need to know is that if you add in blendshapes after the model is already bound. you need to right click the model and choose select all inputs

Then using the middle mouse drag the blend1 node below the skincluster node.

This will let the model be controlled primarily by the head rig and the blendshapes will be layered on top of it.


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