Facial Rig- BIGgg PROBLEM


Hi, everyone

This is regarding a problem I am facing with morpher; please help me out of this. I am using max 7.5(max7 + upgrade)

My problem goes like this; recently I rigged a character with facial controls. The method I used to wire those facial controls is as follows; there is a proxy mesh (just a copy of main mesh) which I used to skin with facial bones. And this proxy mesh is loaded as a morpher in the main mesh (with ‘Automatically Reload Target’ option ON in morpher). When we translate the controls on the main mesh, the bones deform the proxy mesh and that deformation is loaded as a morpher instantaneously on the main mesh. Up to this part everything was ok, but problem arises when we edit animation curves of these controls in graph editor. If we edit a curve in graph editor, just after releasing the mouse button from that curve, the track view will reset to a neutral pose. This may be because of the automatic reloading of morpher target, but this problem is a big headache for animators and thus for me.

I need a solution to get out of this problem, at least to freeze the updating of curve editor. Please help me out of this disaster



I would love to know why you have gone down this road in the first place. I think that I would have to see the setup to know what is causing it as I have never had this happen before. Then again I have never tried at setup like that either.


Thankyou Neale for tht, if thts the case plz look into this attached file.

I thought tht if I could’nt solve this problem :
I wanna know whether I can give another skin modifier for expressions(facial bones) and one for main deformations .
Plz tell me if theres any better method…



Just use one Skin modifier. Why would you want to use more? What do you think that you are going to gain from that?


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