Facial Rig Animation Test


Hi guys,
After 2 months i finished my project, it was a facial rig of a model for games.
I wanted to share with you my animation test to know what you think about, and what do you think i have to improve ?

(Hope this is the right section to post this work)


Nice work Fabio! Keep up the good work :slight_smile:


Good job, Fabio!
Did you use animated textures to get the wrinkles?
I think it would be better if the poses were more extreme. Animator should have the possibility to exaggerate before a character reaches a final pose.
But it already looks really nice.


@Boucha : Thank you!
@numnah13 : thank you and no, if the animator wants, he can exagerate more. I’m not good with animation though :stuck_out_tongue:


That’s great that an animator can get better extremes with your rig.
However, now it seems you know how to rig but you don’t know what animators need. Your rig is always a tool for animation. When you present your rig you want to inform what this rig can do. And your presentation shows, let’s say, half of it’s capability. How can I know that it can do more. When you do good job, show it. It is the only way to get hired :wink:


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