Facial Motion Capture Issues


Hey, everyone!

I recently started learning how to apply motion capture (using c3d files) to characters in Motion Builder. After tranfering body motion with success, I’m now trying to learn more about facial motion capture, and how to put it in my characters using Actor Face and Character Face, from the Asset Browser.

Some issues I’m having are kind of getting in the way. After making some tests with the facial c3d files, I wanted to import another c3d file, but one with body motion. When I did that, the face simply stoped working, and the facial markers on the viewport were completely gone. Does anyone know why that happened, or how I could solve that?
On all of my previous tests, I had only used a single c3d file on the scene, so I don’t really know the procedure for using multiple files on the same scene.

Thanks in advance! Any piece of knowledge is welcome! It is really hard to find video tutorials online about facial motion capture, so if anyone knows more about it, I’d really appreciate getting some extra help.



Could you describe your problem more clearly? I dont’ understand your exact problem. Anyway, Maybe this valuable tutorial from 3D BUZZ help you:

MB Tutorial Part 32: Character and Actor Face Assets :



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