Facial inverse blend setup _ help needed!



I have a setup for my facial stuff, that I thoughts worked, but just found out, does not!!

What I want:

Have a facial setup that I can parent under the head joint of my control rig. When the control rig moves, the facial controls should follow, but the face mesh it self should stay at the origin (Or where it’s “born”). When the controls themselves are moved, deformations should occur. Like opening the jaw of smiling :slight_smile:

What I do:

  • I have one head (Deform) with all the deformations on it. This is dragged around when the facial setup topnode moves.

  • Another head (Inverse) that is deformed to move with the topnode, but recieves no other deformations

  • A 3. head (Final), that have both the other faces assigned as blendshape targets. The “deform” head is set to weight 1 and the “Inverse” head is set to weight -1.

The idea is that this will give me a head that reamins at the origin, but gets the deformations of the “deformed” head. (Namely the diference between “Deform” head and “inverse” head). And it seems to work. I really does! Once you start rotating the facerig topnode around all looks great, untill you dial in eg. smil or jaw open, then you will see that thing start to offset in funny directions.

I have quite some rigs setup this way, ready for production, so an alternative or fix would be great!! Preferably something that will let me keep the setup of having the facerig parented under the controlrig’s head joint, but leaves the final head mesh at the origin! Also it would be nice to know why this does not work!?

Thank for reading,
:slight_smile: Sune


Hi sune,
Already read your post at jonhandhisdog, but i can’t login there so couldn’t answer.
I’m not sure what you’re trying to do, but I don’t really understand the utility of the third head with the negative value blendShape.
If you just want a deformed head at the origin a simple blend shape from your deformed head to to the one at the origin should give you just that no?.
Probably i’m missing something so can you post a simple file maybe of what you’re trying to do?



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