facial and boot rigging


hello, i’m looking for some facial rigging tutorial to make some morph target in an easier way… i find that it’s quite difficult to move the vertex alone also with the soft selection…

the second question is… i’m rigging a woman with boots and i don’t know if I should consider the hell as a part of the foot or if i should rig as in the image…

this is my first human rig and i’m having a lot of troubles…





hey, for the morph and facil animation can´t help ya. actually i will be searching for tutorials for this soon.

as for the boot, and rigging in general, what you need to have in mind is to place the pivot of your bones at the joints of real bones. i haven´t used CS for some years now, but i think you could go as you have in the image. but mind the ankle joint, place the foot pivot over the ankle.



thank you… i’ve fixed the problem scaling the foot bone…

for the facial rigging you can try reading “Digital character animation” vol 1 and 2… it’s quite good…


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