Facial anatomy feedback


Hey everyone!
While saving money for Scott Eaton’s anatomy courses^^…just wanted to listen what do you think ? I mostly follow anatomy books…now i see how amazing it must be to have a chance to ask a question.
Me , personally, have doubts about…nose and mouth…Anyway , here it is :

Any feedback is greatly appreciated!


It looks mostly ok, the philtrum looks a bit sharp, especially compared to all the other softer creases in there. The nose tip looks too sort of hooked downwards in the side view, not sure if there’s any real noses like that out there. There might be, I don’t hink I’ve seen one.
But the topology needs a bit of work, I think. Especially the nasolabial fold, the smile wrinkle. It isn’t fully there in the topology right now, I think it should continue on a bit lower.


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