FaceStudio Problem


I just downloaded the FaceStudio MEL script from Highend3d.com, as I have been looking for something like this, but I cannot run it. I am getting the following errors in the script editor:

// Error: button -w 110 -l “Remove sound” -c if (objExists FaceStudioSound) { delete FaceStudioSound;
// Error: Line 416.42: Syntax error //
// Error: setAttr -type “string” FaceStudioAttributes.Sound “”;}";
// Error: Line 417.24: Syntax error //
// Error: button -w 120 -h 25 -l “Apply” -c ( int $FSnewStart = intFieldGrp -q -value1 FSsoundStart;
// Error: Line 956.43: Syntax error //
// Error: selectKey -clear; select -cl );
// Error: Line 961.38: Syntax error //

I am a complete beginner at MEL scripting, but I do program in Java, and to me, it looks like most of these errors point at the variable FSnewStart. I ran a search for this variable in MELStudio LE, and it doesn’t look like the variable is declared anywhere, and is therefore not initialised as anything. It appears to be important, but it is not actually declared.

Could somebody please take a look at the script, and tell me how to fix it?

Malcolm Kenworthy


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