Faceshift Markerless mocap Siggraph Demo


Just saw this.
For something that has no animation cleanups and costs $2K is not bad at all.
Faceshift is a standalone application but there is a free direct-connection plugin in the Autodesk App store. It is the plug-in that is driving the Maya character.



Here there is an interview from Autodesk’s Area



I’ve been watching this with keen interest. I’m dying to have a play around with it!


There’s also an open source plugin connection directly with Cinema 4D, allowing live streaming and loading of recorded performances.

Pretty cool soft imho. With good lighting and calibration, it outputs very good results. Freelance version is something like 800€ and non-commercial like 149€


They should really make it work with a head mounted camera for full performance capture. The various sensors available are all desktop based and thus you can’t get simultaneous recording for body and face.

It’s a shame because their approach and their solver seem to be promising, even if the current demo videos have relatively limited face models/rigs. I’d really like to see it used with a more realistic character…
But the head mounted version of that PrimeSense depth + video cam sensor should be a priority. AA games today are almost all using full performance capture and not separate recordings and animators acting out the scenes in front of their PCs. If they want to go for that AA game dev market (including us cinematics guys) then they will have to make it work as part of a full performance capture solution.


I think they made it basically for cartoon animation and so that’s why its mainly desktop for facial animation, but would be surely awesome to see application of this technology to games and live movies for sure. :thumbsup:


For Benjamin Button it worked to have separate body and face performers…


On BB they had

  1. no other option at that time
  2. it was a head replacement anyway, and the 80+ and 70+ year old versions of the character were using body doubles much shorter than Pitt, too

For any character that’s full CG - games, cinematics, lots of VFX - performance capture is the preferred method and the standard today.


It works pretty well, but their pricing is absurd, no one’s going to pay $800 a year for that.


Works really well, my brother and I helped work out a few kinks at the beginning, loved it from day one! Yes, it would be nice to have a head mount rig for capturing body plus face performance, however, that’s not an issue with Faceshift. If someone would make an inexpensive head mounted camera system then all that needs to be done is adding support for that camera to the Faceshift software. But as far as I know, nobody has anything like that except for that one company that charges something like $20,000+ for the hardware and then charges for decoding the motion capture performance after. For now this is an amazing and simple solution.


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