Face projection mapping


Hi All,

I’m looking to recreate the effects used in this live projection installation for a commercial video I’m working on:

I will be filming an actors face in a 180’ orbit and am want to “project” and manipulate his face in post not use actual projectors.
I’m not restricted by software (and could potentially outsource but would rather keep in house) - I was hoping I could create the projections and face manipulation animations in after effects and use projection mapping from a basic face shape (modelled loosely off the actor) in c4d but I was wanting to know if there ss something I’m missing (or just waaaay off track), any hurdles or traps I’ve already fallen into by this reasoning and what the usual workflow or pipeline would be for this sort of thing. Apologies if I’ve posted this in the wrong thread etc. I am a little out of my depth, working mainly in 2d - 2.5d animations.

Any help or direction would be much appreciated.