Fabric Texture Nightmare... any pointers welcome


Dear Fellars

I’m trying to model 2 human sized panels draped with felt or wool. I’d spend hours and can’t get any realistic results. (I’m on R21 with Arnold 6 and substance won’t load)

I’ve got a felt texture that looks real good up close but get me a lot of tile pattern when sized to fit. When a try to eliminate the pattern with triplanar, it seem to kill depth.

Any help what to do is very appreciated. Maybe you know of a texture king that I can pay og a tutorial that I could buy?

(the rest of the environment should look fake, but the panels between the tables should look as real as possible)


Just throwing some ideas of what could make it look better (I don’t use Arnold so try to adjust some of the suggestions to it)…

  1. To break the pattern use the Scatter node or some other application (PS, Genetica etc.)
  2. Felt has a fibrous structure. This means that you could simulate the texture using hair (although this will make it tough to render)
  3. Try adding some SSS to the panels to simulate the fuzziness of the material (adding a small-scale noise displacement could enhance the SSS effect with small Path Length).


The material is one thing but you need to address the lighting.

You can create the most plausibly correct material but if the lighting and environment and not equally as plausible then the material will likely look off. That stark white floor is not helping matters.

The office panel are also very low on detail, nothing in the real world would be laser cut accurate especially not felt panels. They need rounding off and softening this will help sell the material.


Awesome Demis… will dive into your suggestions… :smiley:


Good thinking Infograph… I sorta worked on the material first and then build from there. But I’ll take your advice💪


If you’re going to repeat so much you need a bigger texture.
Try this one, It might be better suited for your needs


THANKS Laurent Much appreciated