Fabric Engine for C4D : the magic bullet for R18?


Fabric engine 2 is announced at siggraph, and there’s also a fabric engine integration in the work for C4D (article from last FMX).

It appears to be a general multithreaded and GPU accelerated visual coding framework. So it’s like Xpresso or Ice on steroids. It’s said to have C+±like performance on CPU and CUDA like perf on GPU, while being easy as python. And the first licence of fabric engine is free for everyone…

Even Houdini users are asking for a Fabric Engine integration, so I guess it’s even more low level and better optimized (Houdini being still mostly single threaded).

So I was thinking will it be “another engine” bolted on C4D?

Or will it replace Xpresso altogether?

Being “free” for the first licence, can this be integrated deeply inside C4D to multithread and GPU accelerate Object handling, Rigging, particles, rendering, file i/o etc…? All those things it appears to do very well while C4D is currently being criticized for.

Is this only a pipedream? It’s not really in Maxon’s habit to licence third party technology (since Cebas and Thinking Particles?), but will they/can they replicate the same kind of stuff on their own in a decent amount of time?

Somebody said that Maxon had to release the Kraken… Well it appears that this could be the Kraken… (it’s also the name of their cross DCC rigging tool).


I was checking videos on this for quite a while now, what blew me away was that it is actually “rendering” viewport result by itself, so if you have a complex rig it would run smooth in cinema, or as smooth as fabric is solving it… but you do have to rig it with fabric =)


Fabric Engine is imo a TDs tool. You have to have fundamental development / programming knowledge to be productive with it. From what i have seen myself and heard it will find it’s place in many pipelines and while i think it will amend some of Cinema 4Ds functionality, i don’t think it will be a replacement for many native functions. This might change if assets written for fabric engine become available, similar to what is available for the Houdini Engine.
Either way, it is a tool to keep in view, but i wouldn’t start getting over enthusiastic over it just now.


FE and team were gone.
Has somebody try to contact with Sven Kretzschmar? He did connection with FE and C4D


R.I.P Fabric Engine
“Thank you for your interest in Fabric Engine. Please note that we are no longer developing our software platform and tools.”

This really bummed me out because I really thought they cracked the nut of linking A DDC app and the huge horsepower of todays GPUs

My sources say ether they just ran out of money, and now looking to sell off the IP. Or they POSSIBLY got bought out by a real-time game engine that sounds like “Run-Meal”


I think it sounds more like “Shmottodesk”


Their tech looked really good, sort of cross platform GPU accelerated Houdini/Ice/Xpresso. But it was probably too niche for them to make a decent living with a standalone product. Only TDs could use it.

Integrated inside a more widespread DCC app, it could still be great. That could have been a new Xpresso 2.0. Let’s hope they’ll be fine and AD won’t buy it just for the patents o similar and kill it afterwards.


[i]“Shmottodesk” as been rumored to be reviving SoftImage’s I.C.E. in Maya. it would be amazing if Fabric Engine would be a part of that. But Seeing how OPEN FabricEngine has worked on MANY DDC platforms, i think it would be more likely it was bought to keep it off the market as not to get snatched up by a competitor.

[/i]A procedural app that challenges Houdini, built on top of Fabric Engine does really makes my mouth water.


Do we trust internet people these days - don’t want to spread mis-info

On cgchannel someone said it was bankruptcy (which is an odd looking word)


Does it matter? It’s dead and will not be revived, so we don’t need to look out for it.

(Or resurrect necrotic threads.)