F14 Fighterjets


Hi all.

Here is an animation i have been working a little on.

Its an aerial i have tracked, modeled the fighterjets, setup particles for the smoke and fluids for the explosion.

Tracked in boujou
Modeling in maya
dynamics and particles in maya
comping in after effects.

Please give me some crits on what i could change to make it better. please be adviced that i dont want to change major things as the flighpath and so on. it will be way to much to rerender.


The file is 13mb and you find it here. http://ericaxelson.se/F14/Test14.avi


Well, two things comes to my mind.

You should definatly work on the lighting. The lighting doesn’t match your shot at all. They doesn’t fit in the background at all.

When the fighter gets hit, it should blow up. Right now, the plane doesn’t get destroyed despite the big explosion.

But a good start though :slight_smile:


Thx for your reply.

I have gotten the same crits on the lighting from a couple of others too, so that will be something i will have a look at this weekend.

about the explosion you mean that it should be a more violent explosion that doesnt leave any debris flying thru the air, do i understand what you mean correct then?

anyway thanks for the crits, i will look into it!


Hi knylen.

About the explosion, I might be wrong, but it looks like the fighter flys away without a scratch and you’ve just added debris.
Debris is nice, but again it looks as if the plane doesn’t get destroyed, although it may just be the way it looks :slight_smile:


The lighting is way off, and unfortunately I predict it will be the hardest challenge in getting this shot right. Make no mistake about it lighting is fricken hard. The explosion needs work as well in the lighting dept. Right now it looks very composited.


Thank you guys for your replies. Now on to some questions here, this is the first time im making a shot like the so matching up the light on the 3d to the shot is kinda hard for me. any tips and guidelines to get on the right track? do i need to rerender it or is it a basic question of levels and so on in after effects?

The explosion right now lacks a litle bit of realism i can surely set my signature on that. will work on that for some more. i tihnk it should be more intense.

About the fact that there is a pice of gemotry flying in a straigh line from where the fighter plane came you are right. that will be fixed, i hope that is waht you mean anyway.

thanks again for the help with pointing out flaws.

I am also having second thought on the smoke trail from the missile.


Ok. New update here. have changed lots of things and rerendered some passes.

Think it looks much better now. but its all you that judges!


Please tell me waht you think, good as bad!


new update.

Crits and ideas is very welcome. have rerendered the planes. added the exhaust glow and some small things.



looking good

the main thing that stood out to me was the fact the after flames look very small from the explosins, like the noise through them is way too big (making the flame look small, like a log fire)

other than that not too bad, perhaps a second camera shake for the 2nd jet that comes past?



i have tried, tried and then i tried some more to get the fire looking better, however fluids isnt what i would call the most userfriendly to setup. but you are right about the flames, i just dont know how to fix it =/

also thought about the second cam shake, think it would add some more to it, has to be a little more subtle then the first one thou.


yeh, a really subtle second camera shake would be good. I cant rerally help you out with the fire, im a max user myself lol.


Hehe max or maya doesnt matter really, i use both so if i wanted i could just set it up with fumeFX in max but i wanted to get it as good as i could in maya.

My skills in After effects arent great and i think it shows alot on the colors and stuff, but hey, practice makes perfect right?

I will do some changes to this shot in the near future, however i got a new project starting now so i will be happy with the shot for now.

Thanks all for your comments and crits, they certainly help.


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